Nicole Kidman shares her down-to-earth beauty routine

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As glamorous and gorgeous as Nicole Kidman that is, she recently shared that she has a surprisingly simple beauty routine. I mean, she is, after all, a busy woman. With HBO big little liesAppleTV+ Roarthe next movie Expatsand several other movies and TV shows in post-production or set to premiere soon, the actress/producer is moving at lightning speed.

When she’s not filming, she’s a mother of four children, two of whom still live at home, and that’s where she prefers to spend her time. “I have to put my children to bed and spend time with my husband. I’m not going to sit here for an hour being pampered,” she said in a recent interview with In the style.

So what are her beauty secrets? Sunscreen, face oil, and CBD top the list.

Nicole Kidman prefers “Five Minute Face”

Her busy job(s) and family life don’t leave much time for indulgence, which is good for the Aquaman star. “I’m a five minute girl in the morning and at night,” she said. But, of course, there are products that she cannot do without.

Born in Honolulu and raised in Australia with fair skin, the woman knows the importance of sunscreen. So she uses Cancer Council Daily Sunscreen on her face and hands every day.

And for her dry skin, she can’t live without it Seratopical Radiant Glow Face Oil with CBD. This face oil is infused with English lavender oil, sunflower oil and 300mg of CBD. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing, making it perfect to use at night or in the morning under makeup. It also improves the appearance of redness or other skin discolorations, something Kidman takes care of with sensitive skin.

Beauty isn’t just about looking beautiful, it’s about feeling good

In December 2020, Kidman became a brand ambassador for Seratopic healing, a science-backed CBD skincare brand. She said In the style“I have sensitive skin that is sometimes reactive, and CBD helps with that. I use my body a lot and I work on my feet 14 hours a day, so it really helps my joints when it comes to relieve inflammation.

Alleviating inflammation isn’t the only thing CBD products are good for. Others The star said she sometimes has “family spa days”, where she pampers her whole family. She uses Seratopic heel blast to massage their feet and then give them pedicures.

She also talked about the importance of hygiene and how you present yourself to the world, something she teaches her younger daughters.

“You have to smell good, look good, take care of your skin, file your nails and take care of your feet. Do it yourself; it is your responsibility.

Kidman admits it can be hard to put in effort for your appearance, especially during quarantine, but it can affect your mental health. “I feel better on the inside when I decide to do my hair and put on a dress, not just my old sweatpants or my jeans,” she said. In the style.

Buy her favorite Seratopical products

In the interview, Nicole Kidman talked about the top Seratopical products she turns to for her quick and effective beauty routine. Here are some of our favorites as well.

This moisturizer, formulated with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Lavender Oil will transform your dry, cracked heels. Kidman herself puts on the moisturizer before bed, then puts on “bed socks,” resulting in super soft feet. The blend of CBD and essential oils can help with the inflammation, dryness, swelling, and damage your feet experience on a daily basis.

Boost hydration for a glow worthy of a Kidman goddess with this ultra-hydrating moisturizer face oil. Cold-pressed African marula oil fights fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil helps reduce blemishes, and the blend of essential oils and CBD will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Part of the Revolution Line, created in partnership with Kidman, this foaming face cleanser is alcohol-free and plant-based. Made with aloe, cranberry seed oil and jojoba seed oil, this cleanser hydrates, strengthens and exfoliates. Safe for all skin types, this cleanser will become a staple in your beauty routine.

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