Nicole Kidman stars in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

David E. Kelly brings together beautiful and troubled people again in a place of incomparable beauty as it did before in big little lies and the questionable The defeat. is about nine complete strangers (Nine perfect strangers) whose protagonist is once again Nicole Kidman.

Masha Dmitrichenko is the owner and director of a spiritual retreat called Calm. The vocation of the place, as its name suggests, is to restore peace of mind to rich people who arrive with broken hearts for one reason or another.

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A former footballerbobby cannavale) drug addict after a knee injury cut short his career. Author of romance novelsMelissa McCarthy) encountering professional and personal difficulties. A family that cannot recover from an intimate tragedy.

A young and glamorous marriage that begins to notice that the love between them is fading. A newly separated man (Luke Evans) who annoys everyone with his inveterate cynicism. A divorced woman who has various problems; he is the most difficult and least consistent character.

Nicole Kidman, in a fragment of the series “Nine perfect strangers”. (Photo: Amazon)

Masha is an angelic figure who appears to walk several inches off the ground and claims that in just ten days your guests will live a healing experience which will change their lives. He always has convincing and reassuring answers to all kinds of questions. But in private, he deploys another, more mysterious kind of power.

Nicole Kidman plays a brooding healer

As the series progresses and amid quirky exercises ranging from ground contact to a sack race, some somewhat disturbing secrets of the treatment begin to emerge. but still nobody leaves the place.

This disturbing atmosphere is perceived from the first frame, when a camera from above shows a mixer in the foreground which begins to turn very slowly and manages to transform a mixture of conventional fruits into a scene of enormous sensuality.

Nicole Kidman stars in the disturbing series
Nicole Kidman stars in the disturbing series “Nine Perfect Strangers”. (Photo: Amazon)

In subsequent episodes, the characters they reveal their secrets and their truthsincluding Masha herself in a past life. nine complete strangers It is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, though the adaptation isn’t entirely faithful to the book: the series’ methods are more expansive and sophisticated; certainly more dangerous.

Tranquillum is located in northern California as a sort of ashram super luxury, with its own rules and the messianic climate reminiscent of these yoga retreats and meditation that emerged in the late 1980s in the United States and Europe.

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However, that mesmerizingly beautiful scene where the story takes place is the ranch that Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban possess in Byron’s Baya coastal town of Australia. The series is made during the pandemic with all the measurements of the case.

There are eight episodes and can be seen by Amazon Prime Video.

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