Nicole Kidman was completely “scared” to play Lucille Ball on “Being The Ricardos”

Nicole kidman and Javier bardem are in the foreground on the most recent poster for Being the Ricardos.

The next film will focus on Lucille ball and Desi Arnaz, revealing a glimpse into the couple’s complex romantic and professional relationship.

During a recent panel discussion on the film, the two Nicole and Javier open to their fears of playing iconic stars.

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“I had tremendous apprehension about a month ago, and Aaron [Sorkin] I had to phone myself and send me e-mails saying, “You got this” ” Nicole shared during the recent Q&A, via Variety. “It was scary but incredibly exciting.”

She added that playing Lucille in the movie gave her a deeper chance to actually get to know her, and not Lucy Ricardo.

“I fell in love with her while reading the script,” she says. “I realized what she was doing [was] pioneer for women.

As for Javier, he didn’t know much either Desi apart from his sense of spectacle. But the movie changed that.

“I was obsessed with him and his skills as a comedian, as a person, as a producer and a musician at the time as well as being a foreigner in this country … the energy had to be there, and I had fun playing it. “

Being the Ricardos hits theaters on December 10 and will be available to stream on Prime Video on December 21.

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