Nicole Kidman’s highest-grossing film might surprise you


So which of Nicole Kidman’s films is the highest grossing? Was it the ’90s hit “Days of Thunder” or his perfect musical wonder “Moulin Rouge?” Did the beloved family treat “Paddington” take first place? Or did the honor go to a dark horse like “The Stepford Wives” or “Batman Forever?” None of these films was held up as it turns out, with Numbers currently showing Kidman’s spectacular 2018 superhero “Aquaman” as his biggest box office hit to date with $ 1.1 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

It’s not quite a shock because “Aquaman” was a huge movie, with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment who reportedly backed Jason Momoa’s superhero film with a budget of $ 160 million (via Numbers). The studio also released James Wan (“The Conjuring”) to bring the film to life – which he did in a stunning way. Kidman’s presence as Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna (aka the ex-Queen of Atlantis kicking butt) is often overshadowed by the spectacle of the film’s extravagant special effects and, of course, Momoa’s biceps.

Still, when it comes to Nicole Kidman’s blockbusters, “Aquaman” is a fitting box office champ because it’s arguably one of the best big-budget deals she’s ever appeared in. As for its other major silver producers, there are a few surprises in the mix, with “Happy Feet” and “The Golden Compass” coming in second and third, and the top five being completed by “Paddington” and ” Batman Forever ”, respectively.

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