North Dakota Wooing actor Josh Duhamel extends contract


Josh Duhamel de Minot

One of North Dakota’s most famous personalities is being sued for sticking around and helping promote tourism. He is no stranger to representing our state and attracting visitors with his appeal. Actor Josh Duhamel is originally from Minot, North Dakota, and has been a formidable pitchman for North Dakota since 2013. You’ve seen him on the big screen in movies like “Transformers,” Duhamel is 48 years old. , and for many, it is the perfect vehicle to promote all that our state has to offer.

Duhamel was instrumental in raising funds for the victims of the Minot flood in 2011.

According to abcnews “He’s a great ambassador for our state and cares where he comes from. It has helped broaden our image and awareness of our state, ”said Sara Otte Coleman, who heads the state tourism agency. Josh also had personal connections to the escalation and aid during the Minot flood in 2011, after seeing his family suffer severe damage to their home. Josh has been named honorary chairman of a fund that has raised millions for victims.

How much do you think Josh is paid to help North Dakota with tourism?

Whether you are a fan of his films or not, Josh is the perfect role model for our state. His public relations have been excellent, doing a great job portraying Duhamel as an average man who enjoys the outdoors, attends sporting events and spends time with his family. Abcnews reports that Josh “… has received over $ 1 million from the state. His current two-year tourism contract expires in December”

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