PewDiePie calls on Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani for alleged steroid use


In his latest video, PewDiePie criticized actors for lying about their looks. The Swedish content creator has spoken at length about the blatant use of steroids in Hollywood and how people in the industry fail miserably to hide the same.

In PewDiePie’s latest video titled “Every Fitness Celebrity Lies To You …” he explained to his viewers how multiple actors have to use steroids. He cited Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as one of the examples. Speaking about his physique, the YouTuber said:

“The guy is approaching 50 years old to pack that kind of muscle, uh even on steroids, it’s pretty damn impressive what he’s able to accomplish. And the answer is no, he puts in the work, he puts in the hours. “

He continued:

“What I’m also saying is that he also plunges his hands into the jar of gummy vitamins. Maybe he takes two, maybe he takes four. That’s the whole point we don’t know. There is no transparency.

PewDiePie slams Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg also discovered Marvel actors, including Chris Hemsworth’s attempt to “build muscle in a short time.”

Speaking of the Thor actor, he denounced Hemsworth for promoting a fake fitness regime to his fans. Customers will need to pay a certain amount to gain access to their fitness program, which will help them mimic the Hemsworth Muscle Frame.

However, PewDiePie alleges that the Hemsworth framework is the result of steroids.

The 32-year-old YouTuber also touched on Kumail Nanijiani’s drastic body transformation from Eternals. PewDiePie wasn’t convinced that Nanjiani’s Kingo didn’t use any “secret sauce” in its construction.

PewDiePie added:

“Anyone who turns in a year is a dead gift. Building muscle takes time. It’s a slow process.

Although the YouTuber has listed many examples, he has informed his viewers that he does not want to point the finger at any actor. He said:

“I don’t know who is right or wrong here. Am I supposed to be mad at Chris and Kumail and all these people? After all, they’re just giving people what they want, which is seeing these actors transform in the movies. “

PewDiePie ended the video by acknowledging the flaws of mega film production companies like Disney and Marvel. He mentioned that they would like the actors to “shut up” and make their money instead of being open about using steroids.

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