Rebel’s lockdown reviews of Rebel drop like a lead balloon


Now, the newly slender and “happier” rebel has announced that she is stepping out of comedy in her first “serious” dramatic feature, landing a starring role in the upcoming one. The Almond and the Seahorse.

Let’s see how it goes.

Indeed, we’ve witnessed the birth of a whole new Rebel Wilson ever since her weight loss story became her new narrative, and one she hasn’t stopped talking about on the talk show circuit and on. her social media feed.

She received a lot of adulation and applause for ditching a few dress sizes, but it all suddenly came to a halt in her old hometown last week after she voiced unsolicited criticism of the Sydney lockdown as the city ​​was responding to a COVID-19 Delta variant outbreak.

“Sydney WTF !!!” she posted on Instagram, before helpfully advising, “You can’t keep locking yourself down as a strategy.”

She also shared an image allegedly taken by her mother in a Sydney supermarket showing empty shelves where stacks of toilet paper once stood.

It unfolded like a lead balloon, with hundreds of followers eager to remind her that she was now a multi-millionaire celebrity living the Hollywood dream.

They also noted how she brazenly populated her social media feeds during the pandemic with updates featuring her dramatically diminished frame in designer clothing and traveling from Monaco to London on private jets, helicopters and airplanes. superyachts while maintaining a vibrant social life mingling with the super rich, super famous and super desirable.

One reviewer even compiled a video montage of all of his posts around the world just to reinforce the point.

Rebel’s Instagram updates have done little to lift the spirits of millions of ordinary people who, thanks to the pandemic, have spent months in lockdown, struggling to keep their jobs and keep a roof over their heads. over their heads … not to mention toilet paper. their bathrooms.

A few years ago, she probably would have posted a selfie poking fun at donuts in solidarity with ordinary people who do it hard.

And I can’t help but wonder if it was old Rebel Wilson who made the comment on the lockdown, the hero of misfits and outsiders who reveled in his supposed flaws, would the backlash have been? so brutal?

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