Redbox won’t fall without a fight, partners with Lionsgate for original content


The Redbox physical kiosk provides an essential service to low-income areas, especially now that video rental stores have all but disappeared in the majority of places across the country. Monthly subscription fees can add up after a while, but a single nightly rental for as little as a dollar a day is a cost-effective option for those looking for entertainment that may have a hard time justifying the cost. something like Netflix. Or, in many cases, the physical media option is beneficial for those who have a hard time navigating streaming technology (sorry we called you, daddy) and are much more comfortable with something like Redbox. .

Redbox Entertainment offers a whole repertoire of films that are slated for release in the next few years, following their recent releases like “Capone” with Tom Hardy, “Shadow in the Cloud” with Chloe Grace Moretz and “SAS: Red Notice” with Ruby Rose. . Upcoming releases from the service include “The Last Son” with Machine Gun Kelly, “Muti” with Morgan Freeman and “Bandit” with Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson. In a statement provided to Variety, Lionsgate chairman of the global motion picture distribution group, Ron Schwartz, said the partnership with Redbox “has evolved into a multi-faceted distribution relationship on home entertainment platforms. , SVOD and AVOD which allows us to continue to diversify our content offering to our consumers. “

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