Rick and Morty Spinoff Boss Explains Big Change From Main Show

rick and morty fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next season later this year – but the release of each spin-off episode Victors 2 should help people out in the meantime.

Unlike its parent show, the superhero spin-off (based on the episode “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”) is actually a series of shorts, all between two and three minutes long. .

Addressed exclusively to digital spy at San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Sarah Carbiener explained the reason for the format change.

“It was what Adult Swim asked for, so that was the logic behind it. But I think that was one of the main reasons why me and my writing partner Erica Rosbe wanted to do it,” said she explained. “In these two to three minute shorts, you just get fucking weird.

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“We had the chance to play with the characters in a way that you don’t [in a longer episode].

“In half an hour of television [episode] you have to maintain a ton of plots, and you’re in this machine that goes, goes, goes, when in two to three minutes, ironically because it’s so small and so small, you have to slow down and do something cool and weird. “

Carbiener added that a downside of the shorter format is that sometimes they were so enamored with a character or an idea that they wanted to write a longer episode as a result. But she acknowledged that a shorter episode length allows for more creativity.

“That was definitely part of the appeal, getting to work on something so short and tight… You have to think, ‘What are the little bits of these people’s lives that are going to be funny and really interesting to watch? ?’ We don’t want it to feel like a TV episode cut into 10 pieces.”

Carbiener also talked about why they decided to do a spin-off about these particular characters, and if you’d need to watch the original show for that. Victors 2 to make sense.

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“I think most of the characters that are in the rick and morty world, all the secondary characters could have their own spinoffs…because everything is so rich in this world, and so many things are suggested that you can only touch on. So I think there’s room for so many of these characters,” she explained.

“With the Vindicators, we were involving a whole past life – other movies, they’re part of a franchise. Because it’s already a set of them, and there’s this story, [this] past we come to backfill. And everyone loves Million Ants.”

She added: “rick and morty knowledge certainly helps but i think you could pretty much dive into [without seeing it]…probably because superheroes are so ubiquitous, there’s a shortcut.

“So probably for that reason you might get a little bit of fun jumping into it.”

rick and morty airs on Adult Swim in the US, and on E4 and All 4 in the UK. Victors 2 is out now Adult Swim YouTube Channel.

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