Russell Crowe’s strange Hollywood entourage


The best celebrity circles include a strange mix of misfits. Russell Crowe’s, that’s exactly it.

Of course, Russell Crowe’s entourage is a motley troop of weirdos and misfits.

The best always are.

Rust. Chris Hemsworth. James Packer. They always hang out with a bunch of guys that look like the Entourage bros – Johnny Drama, Turtle and that pizza guy. And what exactly is the purpose of an entourage? Well, Ari Gold – the fictional Hollywood agent on the HBO series – said it best, “We’re going to get drunk with Russell Crowe and we’re going to butt some fucking kangaroos.”

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Russell is in Thailand right now, working on what is believed to be the next war film. The greatest beer race of all time for Apple TV +, and he brought with him the kind of totally irreplaceable right-hand man: struggling ex-soccer player Sam Burgess.

It makes perfect sense while being completely confusing at the same time.

“I’m overseas with Rusty working on a movie that’s so random but it’s really cool,” the former Rabbitohs star told Nova’s. Fitzy & Wippa this week.

“Russell has another movie here, he finished one in Sydney so now I’m working with Rusty here. I worked on the previous one in Sydney which was a little fun and we had a great time.

What exactly is he doing? Hair and makeup? Maybe he scored an on-screen role as an extra. Sam would be great to play Man In Deli or Drunk Reveler # 7. The roles of a lifetime.

But no. His work exists on a higher plain. He’s Rusty’s spiritual advisor. (I couldn’t even type that last sentence with a straight face).

“I’ll make (Crowe’s) coffee in the morning.” What I like to say is that I am like that spiritual guidance on set. Always good energy around, keeping everyone on track, ”Sam said.

Hmmm. Well. I don’t want to take away the good energy Sam lavishes on the world, but it looks like he’s more of a personal assistant than a star shaman.

Maybe being a Hollywood PA and professional entourage is Sam Burgess’ new calling – his “second life” or “career linchpin” as these wellness podcasts call it. Make Nicole Kidman’s hairdressing appointments and make sure she has a copy of Liane Moriarty’s latest book. Transporting Cate Blanchett to a Giorgio Armani photoshoot before rushing home to pick up her Hello Fresh delivery.

Taking a step back from the spotlight as a member of the entourage may well be part of his nationwide redemption tour. The main act was his appearance on Seven’s SAS Australia, where we saw him make moving revelations about his struggles with drug addiction and the affair that broke his marriage. We also watched him lead a group prayer before eating his boiled oatmeal.

Either way, Russell knows all about the Redemption Tour – having been around the circuit himself – so Sam is learning from the best. The couple’s relationship dates back a decade, when the Oscar winner and co-owner of Rabbitohs recruited the British footballer to play for the Sydney squad.

When news broke in 2019 of Sam’s much-publicized separation from his ex-wife Phoebe, the footballer fled to the Hollywood star’s sprawling compound in Nana Glen, near Coffs Harbor on the North Nova Scotia coast. -South Wales.

Russell likes to surround himself with unlucky misfits. It is common in the surroundings. As with Chris Hemsworth – his team is made up of old school friends, his PT, and that older, less successful brother Hemsworth. Personally, I prefer to have an assistant who is proficient in Microsoft Excel.

In the past, Russell has also rode with Bra Boy Koby Abberton – who coincidentally also stars in the latest series of SAS Australia (the takeaway here is that if your past behavior is scandalous enough for you SAS Australia, then you qualify for a position in Rusty’s Inner Circle).

The Bra Boy told an on-air story this week about a rager they enjoyed together after Russell agreed to tell the 2007 doco about the surf gang.

“I went to his house and took my manager there. My manager does not drink or smoke. Then I look the other way and he smokes joints and drinks beers, ”he said.

“Russell comes out (wearing) the Gladiator mask. I start to go, ‘Where’s the Gladiator mask!’ and wrestling and shit. I had the best time of my life. And my manager laughs out loud and throws up projectiles all over Russell, my brother’s house.

“Russell (was in) his room. I wiped it away, trying to hide it. Russell comes out and says, “I have video cameras everywhere.” We had the best time. “

Not quite on par with kangaroos who head butting, but still sufficiently odd surrounding behavior.

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