SNL Weekend Update Takes On Chappelle, Mel Gibson’s New “Lethal Weapon” Movie – Deadline

In the Thanksgiving episode of Saturday Night Live, Weekend updates presenters covered topics ranging from the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to the new Deadly weapon the film Mel Gibson is in the process of directing.

Colin Jost kicked off with a discussion of President Biden’s “bizarre” on Friday. “He underwent anesthesia for a colonoscopy and when he woke up the House had passed a $ 2,000 billion social safety net bill, the Rittenhouse verdict was announced and a woman had technically been president for the first time in its history. And while Biden was dealing with all of this, he rushed to forgive a turkey named Peanut Butter, ”he noted. “I mean, come on. The guy just turned 79; half the country already thinks he is senile. You can’t drop all of this on him the second he comes out of the gas.

Jost admitted he couldn’t believe how well the day had gone for Biden, all things considered. “Do you remember David After Dentist? He asked, referring to a viral YouTube video that focused on driving a dazed child back from the dental office. “I’m surprised we didn’t have Biden after the colonoscopy.”

Presenter Michael Che then moved on to Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict, noting that the Wisconsin native was found not guilty of the murder of two men during a Black Lives Matter protest. “I hope he got all these shots from his system before he became a cop,” he said unmoved.

Che later reported that protests were taking place across the country in response to Rittenhouse’s acquittal, “which is courageous” given the reason he was acquitted. “I don’t know,” Che said, “maybe you don’t try it? “

Che went on to address the latest fallout from Dave Chappelle’s special Netflix controversy that an art school in Washington, DC is delaying renaming its theater in his honor. “Yes of course. Because God forbid you name a building after someone who’s a problem in Washington, DC,” Che said. “Meanwhile, my old high school insists on keeping the bathroom stall Michael Che Sucks Butt . “

Che then learned that Gibson would be in talks for the new Deadly weapon movie. “If you want to see a black man teaming up with a handsome racist,” he recommended, “just watch Weekend update. “

Towards the end of Update, the presenters welcomed a newly tattooed baby Yoda (Kyle Mooney) to the office to announce that he was going to have his own float at Macy’s Thanksgiving parade this year. After this week’s conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Mother Earth (Aidy Bryant) also stopped to talk about the climate crisis and more.

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