SolaWave Blue Light Therapy Wand Cleared My Breakouts

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I developed acne for the first time in my life about five years ago. It came in strong waves on my cheeks and peeked through the most full coverage foundations. I turned to blemish treatments and cleansers, and even washed my makeup brushes daily, but the breakouts kept coming back. I felt like I had tried almost everything to control their appearance, that is, until I discovered light therapy.

I was introduced to light therapy during my first professional facial and was amazed at the effects it had on my skin; my face was clearer and less inflamed within hours. Unfortunately, keeping up with regular appointments can be expensive – but that’s where at-home skincare tools, like the SolaWave Blue Light Therapy WandCome in. The internet viral device has truly become an essential part of my daily regimen since I received it from the brand a few months ago.

SolaWave was founded in 2020 by Andrew Silberstein and Eli Bailey, who wanted to bring to market an accessible and simple way to achieve better skin. The brand first released its Red light therapy wand, a 4-in-1 skin care tool that includes micro currents, LED red light, low vibration massage and therapeutic heat to address aging related issues. He then added the blue light therapy wandan option aimed at oily, acne-prone skin, to its growing range this year.

the blue light therapy wand has all the proven technologies of its predecessor – LED light, therapeutic heat and vibrating massage – minus the micro-currents, which means the tool can be used by all ages (including teenagers). Similar to its sister tool, the Blue Light Wand boosts the benefits of your serums and creams and improves the overall glow of your skin. But, what makes it unique separately are the effects of blue light against aggressive flares and excessive oil production.

Here’s how the treatments work: The cordless tool should be used for at least five minutes per session and in conjunction with the Renew Complex Activating Serum (or your hydrating serum, mist or moisturizer) to trigger its smart touch activation; it will only light up if the skin is hydrated. From there, simply place the wand on your skin and glide it easily over problem areas, such as your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.

These LED blue light wavelengths are not the same harmful blue lights emitted by your computer screen. While more research is still being done on its benefits, as noted in an article by Harvard Medical Schoolthe blue light wavelengths from LEDs can reduce “sebaceous gland activity,” which in turn “produce less oil that can clog hair follicles, leading to acne.”

Proof of the tool’s effectiveness was found in a two-week study conducted by the brand: 93% of users said their skin looked healthier after using the SolaWave wand, while 90% said their skin looked visibly rejuvenated. In a separate 30-day study, 100% of participants said their skin felt soft and supple, 93% said the wand increased their skincare performance and benefits, while 86% said noticed a reduction in the size of their pores.

Personally, the results I’ve witnessed from using the tool have transcended those of any acne-targeted skincare products I’ve used in the past. My skin not only appears more even and radiant, but monstrous sized blemishes no longer show up in their usual areas. It works so well that I have even become obsessively attached to my daily treatments; if i stop using the wand for several days i will notice a drastic difference in the condition of my skin tone. And, if I feel any breakouts rising to the surface, just one treatment will visibly reduce them in a day.

Sydney Sweeney, Lil Nas X, Nicole Kidman and Mandy Moore are all SolaWave fans as well. Between makeup artists using the tool to prep their skin before events, to Sweeney revealing that she uses the red light therapy wand “every day”, it’s safe to say that light therapy tools are having a moment.

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