Spider-Man director Jon Watts to direct new film starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt; Could the Fantastic Four be delayed?


It turns out that Jon Watts appears to be ready for the immediate future. The filmmaker is currently putting the finishing touches to Spider-Man: No Path Home and her next project seems to be one of the hottest things in Hollywood. In fact, the project has garnered so much attention that we have to ask ourselves: will something end up happening to Watts? The Fantastic Four?

In the initial report of THR, Watts movie package is said to be sought after by Sony, Lionsgate, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Annapurna, Universal, MGM, and Warner Brothers. The exact details are being kept under wraps although Watts wrote the project and will direct and produce it as well. The film already has George Clooney and Brad Pitt both attached to star and produce.

The report also goes on to say that this could be the biggest salary of Watts’ career, even after taking all three into account. Spider Man films he made for Sony and Marvel Studios.

From now on, The Fantastic Four has yet to set a release date, and it is believed the studio is still relatively early in the development of the feature. Although Watts has been announced as a director, a screenwriter has yet to be revealed. Given that the untitled Watts project is billed as a thriller, the production schedule is expected to be relatively light and if it starts filming by the end of this year, it is entirely plausible that the filmmaker could start filming. turn. Fantastic in the second half of 2022 and have it ready for release in late 2023 or 2024.

“I think the MCU is a nice combination of the two (established actors and new faces),” Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige told ComicBook.com. “I think you are looking no further than Simu in Shang-Chi, like Chris Hemsworth, like Tom Hiddleston, like Tom Holland, an actor who had never been seen by a lot of people before, or you have a Benedict coming in Doctor strange or Christian Bale entering Gor in our Thor movie. It’s always a nice combination of the two, and it’s really about finding the best actor for the job, whether that actor is still known to the world or not. “

Marvel’s Fantastic Four has yet to set a release date.

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