Streaming Wars, May 2022: Netflix highs and lows

Every month, we read the latest dispatches from the Streaming Wars front lines and assess how Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and the rest are doing. Who won the day, who was defeated and who is biding his time? We note everything on this living graph, which changes every month.

How did the fighters fare in April 2022? Looked:


In addition to new episodes of Star Trek: Picard and Halo, Paramount+ aired The Godfather The Offer TV show, rebooted iCarly, and aired the Grammy Awards. They hang in there. Dots: +2


Netflix always has so much new content, there’s just no stopping it. From sci-fi fare like Russian Doll to heartwarming romances like Heartstopper to boomer comedies like Grace & Frankie to fun trash like The Ultimatum, there’s something for everyone. Plus, we got the latest episodes of Ozark. That said, the streamer is also subscribing for the first time in years, so content isn’t the only thing that matters. Dots: +2


Moon Knight is a bona fide hit, but other than that this month it’s been slim pickings on Disney+. A new Marvel series matters a lot, though. Dots: +2


Along with plenty of new library titles, Hulu got new originals like Mayans MC, Woke, and Andrew Garfield’s Under the Banner of Heaven. And even if you don’t like them, premiering a new Kardashian show is a big deal. Dots: +3


Along with a bunch of great library titles, HBO Max subscribers got new episodes of Barry, The Flight Attendant, Tokyo Vice, and The Black Lady Sketch Show. Additionally, The Wire creator David Simon has returned with the new We Own This City limited series. Good stuff all around. Points: + 3

Amazon Prime Video

In April, Amazon secured solid library titles and decent originals, including The Outlaws, All the Old Knives, Outer Range, and A Very British Scandal. There’s quite a bit of talent out there, but none of these projects have created much buzz. Dots: +2


Apple TV+ brings star power with Nicole Kidman in Roar, Elizabeth Moss in Shining Girls and Gary Oldman in Slow Horses. And then there was the Magic Johnson documentary They Call Me Magic. And that’s literally all that came to the service in April. Dots: +1


Big Peacock Originals last month were Killing It and Smother, two fun shows that very few people talk about. Dots: +1

And get a load of the ever-changing chart here:

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