Stunning Photos Show What Happens When ‘Average Joes’ Train Like Chris Hemsworth


When your goal of strength is to be as physically fit as someone like Australian movie star Chris Hemsworth, you can sometimes feel like you’re pissing against the wind.

But get yourself the right tools (and turn around and face the other direction), and the results could flow naturally – as evidenced by some photos from DMARGE, posted by Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi.

Taking to Instagram last February, Zocchi was keen to show off the positive results of some users of the Centr workout app – developed by Chris, Luke and a number of other fitness and nutrition specialists, and the same one. very optimistic DMARGE correspondent. tried for himself.

The photos show what the “Average Joe” can accomplish if he follows workouts similar to those used by the Australian poster himself. While no one is watching exactly like Chris Hemsworth himself at the end, the photos show that you can make a remarkable impression on your physique if you engage in the right workout.

While the first pic is an anomaly (this guy isn’t quite an average Joe – he’s Chris’s stuntman for the next Thor: Love and Thunder movie, Bobby, looking decidedly torn), the rest of the photos show what more regular Centr users might hope to achieve during a period of using the app.

Trainer Luke himself says in the comments that Bobby’s transformation took place “over 12 weeks.” And good: he still benefited a lot from the program.

As for other users, no specific time frame is given on the images, but a closer look at the comments helps to understand how long it took.

“I’m the guy in photo 4. I did it in about 8-10 weeks.”

“I’m photo 3. It’s about 5 months apart.”

Scroll through the series of photos to see their results.

Some other Instagram users are less than convinced, claiming that there would be no way to get results without the use of performance enhancing drugs. But hey: you can never please everyone (plus, as we’ve investigated previously, it’s impossible to say for sure that someone is on steroids just from a photo).

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Of course, it must be said that curling the dumbbells and hitting the treadmill aren’t the only ones responsible for the results you see in the photos. A proper meal plan is also necessary to provide you with protein, carbohydrates, and fat, which the body uses to build muscle and shed body fat. If you want to know how to eat like Chris Hemsworth, to go in tandem with training like him, check out my personal experiences.

What should be remembered here is that no objective should be considered unattainable. Yes, Chris has an incredibly enviable platform, but if you embark on a serious workout routine and have a meal plan to support it, you could also see a serious transformation in just a few months.

Watch how to get huge like Chris Hemsworth in the video below

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