Taika Waititi Reveals Wild Backstory For Next Marvel Movie

Thor: Love and Thunder made its way onto Disney+ after two months in theaters, with director Taika Waititi delivering his second full MCU outing since 2017. But with Thor being the first MCU character to get four solo movies in the MCU’s long history, the question now turns to whether it’s Thor 4 will pass to a possible Thor 5 in the Multiverse Saga or later.

Waititi has spoken several times over the past two years about Thor 5 potentially becoming a reality, though no serious talk has emerged of Marvel pushing it into development. Those talks began as early as last summer, with Waititi offering only comment “who knows?” when he discussed his future with Marvel Studios.

In the weeks preceding Thor 4he was pretty evasive in dodging a question about returning for a third solo movie, joking that he might be lured in for the cash and potential Oscar glory with another Marvel Studios release.

Now, Waititi has once again broached the idea of ​​a comeback, even jokingly offering an idea of ​​what the God of Thunder might do next.

Taika Waititi Launches Thor 5’s Ridiculous Plot


Speaking with Ali Plumb on BBC Radio 1, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi discussed some fun potential ideas for what could happen in Thor 5.

Plumb asked if he could pitch Waititi some ideas, with the director resigned to the fact that it was going to happen whether he said yes or no. This has led to some hilarious subtitle names including “What a classic Thor adventure, hooray:”

Plumb: “You said you’d be doing Thor movies with Chris until the wheels come off, so to speak. Can I suggest any titles for future Thor movies?”

Waititi: “I feel like you’re going to do it anyway

Plumb: “Well, yeah. Alright, how about ‘Thive: What a Classic Thor Adventure, Hooray?’

Waititi: “Thive?”

Plumb: “Yes, Thive.”

Waititi: “‘Thive: What a classic Thor adventure, hooray’.”

While joking about the latest film titled “Thor 4: More Thor,” the two also offered other ideas, including a reference to the mighty hammer Mjolnir featuring Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury:

Plumb: “You missed a trick with ‘Th-four’.”

Waititi: “‘Thor 4: More Thor, for sure.'”

Plumb: “When you do the black and white remake of that…”

Waititi: “‘Cor, no more Thor!'”

Plumb: “That’s it! Ideal. Also, I want you to somehow include “Eat this hammer” and “Nick Fast and the Nick Furious”. They must all be in there.

They used this same trend with potential Thor 5 titles, offering words that rhyme with “five” as they joke about making one the same as Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to school and earn money quickly:

Waititi: “What about Thor 5: Still Alive.”

Plumb: “That’s it. “In case you were wondering, he’s not dead.”

Waititi: “’Pass the chives…Thor 5: Learn to Drive.’ I’m like back to school with Rodney Dangerfield, but Thor is learning to drive. I think if there’s going to be a fifth movie, you just have to take all the zeros out of the budget. Make it a six million dollar movie. We are only Thor on Earth. Yeah, it’s just learning to drive.

Plumb: “He can’t pass his theory. Yeah, bless him. him and Darryl.

Waititi: “I think… I literally think you could make at least half a billion dollars at the box office and you only spent eight million. Six million… Back up the money truck. Disney is back.

Plumb: “He’s queuing for the mail.”

The two shared a laugh together as they ended the interview on this issue, saying they’ll have to do the same again when Thor 5 arrived :

Waititi: “What’s the next question?”

Plumb: “Please don’t worry, don’t worry about the next question. It was awesome. We have Thor standing in line at the post office to send money home.

Waititi: “Thor in the DMV. It’s like, ‘Oh man, that wouldn’t happen on Asgard.’ »

Will Thor 5 become a reality for Marvel?

In the long history of the MCU, outside of the six Avengers movies that will be in place by 2025, Thor is so far the only character to have four solo movies all to himself. Although this will change in some way with 2024 Captain America: New World Orderthe main difference is that it will be the first to feature Sam Wilson as Captain America, giving Anthony Mackie his first effort after Chris Evans retired from the franchise.

After coming up with some hilarious potential titles for Thor 5the big question now is whether this will actually happen, especially with an already busy phase 5 and many properties that will surely take over from phase 6.

The end of love and thunder certainly left the door open for the God of Thunder to continue in another solo movie, especially with Brett Goldstein’s Hercules seeking revenge after the Battle of Omnipotent City. And with Chris Hemsworth still having fun playing the role, Thor 5 wouldn’t be completely out of the question, although it will probably be a while before anything becomes official in terms of development.

For the moment, Thor: Love and Thunder is available to stream on Disney+.

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