Terri Irwin and Chris Hemsworth at WAR


Crikey! Two of Australia’s most famous families are at loggerheads amid claims the Hemsworth clan is encroaching on Irwin’s Wildlife Warrior territory.

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Earlier this month, Chris Hemsworth announced his new National Geographic documentary, Shark Beach – and New idea has learned that the Irwin team is not happy!

There are real fears, according to insiders, that with this shift to animal documentaries, the Hemsworth, who have international star power from Disney and Marvel Studios, will conquer the small market Steve left behind after his untimely death in 2006.

“Bindi, Terri and Robert are huge Hemsworth fans – Robert idolizes Chris! But it’s easy to see why their noses are disjointed about it, ”the insider said.


For months, rumors circulated that Robert wanted to restart his father’s show, The crocodile hunter, but the source insists Chris is a huge threat to this, and Irwin’s future earnings, if he continues down this path.

“There’s really only room for one Australian wildlife hero on the international circuit, and we want Chris to stick with the Thor films,” the insider continues.

the National Geographic The TV series, which premieres next month, is inspired by Jaws actress Valerie Taylor’s Great Barrier Reef documentaries, and features Chris as he explores the relationship between humans and sharks.

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“It’s a bit like home for the Irwins,” adds the insider, who also points out that Chris has recently gotten closer to his new Thor co-star Russell Crowe – a major donor to the Irwins Zoo in Australia.

Last week Rusty, who had a romantic relationship with Terri and was a good friend of her late husband, Steve, donated an undisclosed sum of money to the Sunshine Coast attraction.

Terri took to Twitter to thank the actor, who managed to fund an endoscope for a sick kookaburra.

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