The Expendables 4 Theory Reveals Stallone’s Ross Replaced Mr. Church

The Expendables have already received their mission orders from the obscure Mr. Church, but The Expendables 4 might end up showing Barney Ross in that role.

Consumables 4 could feature Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross in the mission casting the role previously held by Bruce Willis’ Mr. Church. Stallone’s Return The Expendables franchise after an eight-year gap since the failure of The Expendables 3, Consumables 4 will debut later this year, although a firm 2022 release date has yet to be set. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Rady Couture are back for Consumables 4while the series’ tradition of bringing in new blood also continues.

50 Cent and Megan Fox will also appear in Consumables 4with Tony Jaa of Ongbak Indonesian celebrity and action star Iko Uwais as the main villain. Consumables 4 was recently shown at CinemaCon, which unveiled stills (not released publicly) and the official poster for the film. Although Stallone is a major pillar of The Expendables franchise, both creatively and on camera, his name was featured with the “and” designation, which might indicate something about her role in the film.


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While Consumables 4 still remains a mystery, there’s enough information to make a good guess as to how Expendables leader Barney Ross might be seen in the movie. What all of this could indicate is that Ross resigned as full-time leader of the team and instead ran the team the same way their old nemesis Mr. Church did. in the first two. Consumables movies. Of course, even in such a role, Barney Ross is still likely to jump into the heat of the moment when Consumables 4 reached its test of strength.

The Expendables 4 is a passing of the torch movie (and Stallone’s last)

Expendables 4 Fighting Jason Statham Iko Uwais

The first speculations about Consumables 4 which bore the original title of The Expendables: A Christmas Storyposited that the film would move the team’s second-in-command, Lee Christmas, to center stage (and set up Consumables 4 for a holiday theme). That turned out to be the case when Stallone confirmed the film as a passing-of-the-torch story from Barney Ross to Lee Christmas as leader of the Expendables. Stallone also revealed that Consumables 4 would be the last appearance in the franchise, which has consequently raised questions about what his role in the film will be.

Although little marketing material has yet been released publicly, Barney Ross has been seen relatively little in what has been shown. By comparison, Statham’s Christmas was significantly bigger, especially in the set photos showing him alongside Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais. With the latter being the film’s main villain, seeing Noel rather than Ross go head-to-head with him is a change of pace after Ross defeats arch-villains played by Eric Roberts, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Mel Gibson. This is even truer considering the kind of villain that Iko Uwais could embody. This and the coat-passing nature of Consumables 4 might suggest that Ross isn’t affiliated with the team in the same way he once was.

Theory: The Expendables 4 Casts Stallone’s Barney As Mr. Church

The Expendables 2 picture

Appearances of Bruce Willis as Mr. Church in the first two Consumables the movies didn’t show him as a full-fledged mercenary, but as a shadowy CIA agent recruiting the Expendables for missions. Church eventually took a more active role in the finale of The Expendables 2, fighting alongside Barney Ross, Trench Mauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the rest of the team. He didn’t come back for The Expendables 3, with Harrison Ford’s Max Drummer playing the equivalent role of the team’s mission commander. Neither Church nor Drummer returning for Consumables 4this leaves a big question as to who the team receives mission debriefs from.

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It took the Expendables until the end of The Expendables 2 when he joined them against Jean Vilain de Van Damme, Scott Adkins’ right-hand man, Hector, and their team before they come to regard the ambiguous Allied Church as a friend. Their relationship with Drummer was less strained, but the fact that he also did not return suggests him instead as a one-time compatriot on the battlefield. As the former leader of the Expendables, Barney Ross is someone the whole team would be willing to trust with their lives. In fact, he might be the one person whose team wouldn’t hesitate to take commands, potentially making Ross the only real candidate to take over from Church and Drummer as mission director. Even so, that hardly means Ross is likely to be sidelined.

Why Stallone’s Barney Ross will likely still be in the final showdown

Sylvester Stallone spins a motorcycle in The Expendables 4 Set Video

Although Church and Drummer gave the Expendables their battlefield assignments, the two eventually lent their support to the team on the battlefield. It’s highly unlikely that Ross will just sit back while his teammates carry out his orders (not to mention Sylvester Stallone himself as the manager of The Expendables when the series started). Barney Ross may have moved on to the role once held by Church and Drummer. However, with further evidence from set photos showing Stallone in his mission gear, once he sees things get tough for his friends, he’ll definitely show up to help. From the standpoint of Stallone’s role on the show, this would also be the perfect way for him to come out. The Expendables franchise with one last mission.

With Stallone declaring Consumables 4 his last film in the series, it led to speculation that Barney Ross might be killed off. If that’s the plan, the idea could be for Barney Ross to die fighting alongside his friends. Whatever the movie has in store for Barney Ross, Stallone’s key creative role in The Expendables series makes it very hard to believe he would simply make a small appearance or bark orders at his teammates from hundreds of miles away. However, the culmination of Consumables 4 unfolds, audiences can most likely expect to see Barney Ross alongside his fellow mercenaries on one last mission.

With Barney Ross being such a central figure for The Expendables series since its inception, Consumables 4 is surely determined to make Stallone’s swan song from the franchise a thrill for him and Ross. Whatever form his departure takes, Ross might not enter the film as the leader of the Expendables he is known as. The Expendables return of the series. However, even though he has become an advisor and manager of the team, Barney Ross’s loyalty to his friends and his sense of adventure will probably lead him to prepare for one last battle in Consumables 4.

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  • Consumables 4 (2022)Release date: April 30, 2022

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