The friendliest characters of nine complete strangers, ranked


The cast of Nine Perfect Strangers is certainly an interesting group. It’s full of various characters who have very different backgrounds from each other. However, despite their interesting quirks, many of them are very likable characters overall.

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Some characters are likable from the start, and others become much nicer throughout the series. Some also just have viewers who feel bad for them, leading them to like them like an underdog. Nonetheless, they all bring a unique quality to the table that prompts viewers to embrace them.

ten Carmel

Lars and Carmel talk

Among the main cast, Carmel is one of the less likable characters. While one may start to feel bad for her at first, it quickly becomes apparent that she is not as sweet and light as she claims. In fact, she’s an incredibly violent person who has done a lot of bad things in her life. As she redeems herself at the end, for most of the series, Carmel is a dangerous person to watch out for.

9 Ben

Nine Perfect Stranger's Ben talks in the hot tub

Ben isn’t exactly an unfriendly character. On the contrary, he is just one of the less developed characters in the series. Viewers really don’t get a chance to see how Ben acts and his character. However, when viewers see Ben, he usually appears to be a rather sympathetic person who doesn’t have a lot of anger towards anyone. He only gets closer to his wife Jessica throughout the show, which also shows his softer side.

8 Lars

Zoe and Lars go head to head in a sack race

Lars is a character who turns out to be incredibly rude at the start of the series, and that’s because he is. He pushes people away first and only befriends Zoe, and Lars’ actions don’t seem to make sense. However, as the series progresses and the microdosing begins, it begins to open.

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As viewers learn about Lars and everything he’s been through, his behavior becomes a bit more understandable. Plus, he also generally starts to be more empathetic towards everyone on the show, which makes him a much nicer person overall.

7 Delilah

Delilah and Yao in Nine Perfect Strangers

Delilah is one of the more reasonable characters on Nine Perfect Strangers. Throughout the show, she constantly challenges Masha on how she is leading the group because she knows what is going on is not right. As for the Tranquillum staff members, she is the only one who does not do what Masha says without fail. Her genuine concern for guests, rather than her own selfish needs, makes her very sympathetic.

6 Jessica

Nine Perfect Strangers Samara Weaving Jessica Chandler

Jessica, like her husband Ben, doesn’t get as much development on the show compared to other characters like Tony and Frances. However, whenever she comes to the screen, she is a delight. She is at Tranquillum to save her marriage and is very sincere when it comes to discussing it and her own personal issues. She is never critical or rude. Overall a pleasant person who does their best in their situation which makes them a very nice person.

5 Tony

Tony first meets Frances in Nine Perfect Strangers

Tony, like the other characters on the show, is a bit abrasive at the start of the show because, like the other characters, he’s not very nice. It’s hard to be there in general. However, as his relationship with Frances grows and viewers learn more about him, things change.

Overall Tony becomes a much nicer and relaxed person after his time at Tranquillum. He manages to settle down with Frances and reconnect with his daughters. While Tony has a rough start at first, he has a fantastic arc throughout the series.

4 Masha

Nicole Kidman’s Masha is a little hard to pin down. What she does to her guests is help them face their problems head-on, even though everything she does is also selfish. Dubious methods with provable results. However, viewers cannot help but be drawn to Masha.

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Her loving atmosphere makes her someone that viewers just want to trust and believe in, no matter what their doubts. She’s caring and bossy, and is an interesting character that viewers can’t help but love as the series continues to move forward.

3 Napoleon

Napoleon Zoe Nine Perfect Strangers

Napoleon can be a little strange at times, but he is a kind person who sincerely wants nothing more than his family to heal from the loss of his son, Zach. He seems to have taken his son’s death better than Heather and a little better than Zoe, and tries to help his family heal and get away from Zach as much as they can. All of his actions are selfless throughout the series, proving that he wants nothing more than to put his family back together, which makes him a very likeable character.

2 Zoe

Zoe Nine Perfect Strangers

Much like her father Napoleon, Zoe is a caring person who wants to help her family recover from Zach’s death. However, beyond her family, she bonded with other Tranquillum guests such as Lars and Frances. It’s easy to get along with her and become a friend. As everyone goes through their ups and downs on the show, Zoe is always a breath of fresh air on the mysterious Nine complete strangers.

1 Francoise

Frances (Melissa McCarthy) enjoying the water at Tranquillum on Nine Perfect Strangers

A lot of Nine Perfect Strangers Frances follows, and for good reason. He’s a well-developed character who is very easy to like. Although she’s been through horrible things in the past, she doesn’t blame anyone else. She is always ready to try to help others solve their problems before hers. He’s a kind person through and through, which makes him an incredibly likable character.

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