The Gray Man: What to watch if you liked Ryan Gosling’s action thriller

In July 2022, Joe and Anthony Russo released one of the flashiest and most expensive Netflix productions to date with the star-studded, white-knuckled action-thriller The gray man. The film, which stars Ryan Gosling as a CIA black ops assassin pursued by his own agency and the mustachioed madman played by Chris Evans, has consistently been one of Netflix’s most popular 2022 films since its debut. , and fans just can’t seem to get enough.

But before the sequel and possible spinoffs come out at some point in the future, we’ll all have to find a way to pass the time before we resume with The gray man cast iron (or what’s left of it). One way to do this is to look at other titles that have at least one thing in common with one of the biggest new movies of the year. Here are some of the best options…

Ryan Gosling in Drive

(Image credit: FilmDistrict)

Drive (Amazon Rental)

An anonymous stuntman (Ryan Gosling) who also works as a getaway driver in Los Angeles finds himself in a sticky situation after a job involving his neighbor’s detained ex-husband (Oscar Isaac) goes horribly wrong.

Similar to Ryan Gosling’s Court Gentry in The gray manhis chilling character in Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 neo-noir thriller, Conduct, is the very definition of calm, cool and collected even in the most dangerous situations. But, much like his runaway CIA mercenary in his latest film, his driver also has a soft spot for children in need.

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Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Disney+)

Following the events of The AvengersSteve Rogers (Chris Evans) experiences a huge change when he realizes that not only is his long-lost friend, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), not actually dead, but he’s a super-soldier under the brainwashed serving as a deadly assassin.

One of the best Marvel movies to date, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a focal point in the MCU as “The First Avenger” learns who he can and cannot trust, especially within SHIELD. In addition to story similarities, the 2014 film also marked the first time Chris Evans worked with the Russo Brothers, though his character’s demeanor couldn’t be more different.

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Ana de Armas as Paloma in the James Bond film No Time to Die

(Image credit: MGM)

No Time To Die (Prime Video)

Years after leaving Her Majesty’s Secret Service, aka active duty, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is enjoying his retirement in peace. When Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) unexpectedly visits for help, 007 finds himself once again on a mission that could very well be his last.

The no time to die The cast is full of terrific actors from top to bottom, with one of the most notable being Ana de Armas’ CIA agent Paloma, who provides one of the film’s best sequences. If you liked de Armas in The gray manso you’ll like her here, even if she doesn’t get as much screen time.

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Henry Cavill as August Walker in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (Paramount+)

In an attempt to stop the terrorist organization known as the Apostles, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the rest of his IMF team join forces with CIA agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) as ‘they’re looking for three plutonium cores that the group plans to use to destroy three holy cities.

You could technically watch any of the Impossible mission movies to get your spy thriller fix, but the sixth installment, 2018 To fall, is probably your best best. There are over-the-top action sequences and fights (including a ridiculous scene involving a plane), double-crosses, and a mustachioed, psychotic villain in what has to be one of the best action movies of all time. .

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John Krasinski in Jack Ryan

(Image credit: Amazon)

Jack Ryan (First video)

Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) is a former US Marine working as an analyst at the CIA, away from the action. But when he links some dodgy banking transactions to a terrorist organization, he is thrown into the field and is never the same again.

The Amazon Original Series, Jack Ryan, features a younger, less experienced CIA analyst and one of the best interpretations of Tom Clancy’s most famous character. With plenty of action, suspense, and fulfilling storytelling throughout its first two seasons, there’s plenty to enjoy by The gray man Fans.

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Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

(Image credit: Netflix)

Hardened mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is hired to find and rescue Ovi Mahajan Jr. (Rudraksh Jaiswal), the kidnapped son of a prolific Indian crime lord. What at first seems like a simple operation turns into something more complicated as the truth begins to unfold.

Written by The gray man co-director Joe Russo, the 2020 Netflix movie, Extraction is a fun, loud and messy thriller that strikes that balance between explosive action, heart and humor, creating a fun and rewarding experience.

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Iko Uwais and Cecep Arif Rahman in The Raid 2

(Image credit: Sony Pictures Classics)

The Raid 2 (HBO Max)

Immediately after he and an elite force eliminate a Jakarta crime boss, Rama (Iko Uwais) is sent on another mission. The only difference this time is that he will be forced to go undercover to infiltrate a large criminal operation from the inside.

The police epic of Gareth Evans in 2014, Lowering 2, takes what its predecessor started and kicks it up a few notches. Similar to The gray man, this instant classic has massive reach and features some of the most impactful and eye-catching fight sequences of the past decade. It’s just a disappointment it seems The Raid 3 is not going to happen.

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Mandy Patinkin in Homeland Season 3

(Image credit: Showtime)

Homeland (Showtime)

CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is assigned to investigate decorated American sailor Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who has been captured and possibly turned against his country by a terrorist organization. Things only get more complicated from there.

As The gray manthe original Showtime series, Country, is full of espionage, back-channel deals, and untrustworthy characters. With eight seasons, it will take a long time to watch the award-winning series, but it’s perfect for fans of the genre.

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick

(Image credit: Summit Entertainment)

John Wick (peacock)

After a group of young criminals with ties to a Russian crime syndicate in New York make the mistake of killing John Wick’s (Keanu Reeves) puppy, which was a gift from his dead wife, and stealing his car, the legendary assassin comes out of retirement and turns the underworld upside down.

The whole of the John Wick the movies need to be watched, especially with the fourth episode on the way, but this is obviously the best place to start. If you liked the stylish fights and action sequences of The gray manwait till you see what Mr Wick can do behind gun and any other weapon.

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Will Smith and Jason Lee in Enemy of the State

(Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

Enemy of the State (Amazon Rental)

Washington, D.C. Attorney Robert Dean (Will Smith) finds himself the NSA’s most wanted man after an old college pal hands him a disc containing video of the agency’s head, Thomas Reynolds ( Jon Voight), assassinating a member of Congress.

Tony Scott’s enemy of the state is one of the films on this list with the most in common with The gray man given that they both center on characters who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and are part of an agency’s attempt to sweep the mess under the rug.

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Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager

(Image credit: BBC One/AMC)

The Night Manager (Prime Video)

Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), a former British soldier and current night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo, is tasked with bringing down one of the world’s biggest arms dealers, Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie), setting off an epic and deadly turn of events.

Although it’s not as sensational or over the top as The gray manthe 2016 limited series, The night manager packs quite a punch. If you’re fascinated by seedy government agencies, loud personalities, and big deeds, look no further.

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Ralph Fiennes, Djimon Honsou, Harris Dickinson and Gemma Arterton meet in a train car at The King's Man.

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios/MARV)

The King’s Man (Hulu/HBO Max)

In order to stop a mysterious group of terrorists from plunging the world into the most devastating war of all time, Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) assembles a team of spies to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

Matthew Vaughn’s 2021 spy action movie, king’s man, serves as a great prequel to his Kingsman franchise in addition to being a terrific World War I thriller with its fair share of historical characters. If you like stylized and unique fight scenes, this is a great movie to check out.

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Each of these titles has at least one point in common with The gray man, but those aren’t the only movies and shows fans of the Russo Brothers’ latest effort should watch. It also wouldn’t hurt to check out classics like Clear and present danger, Three days of the CondorWhere Heat for one reason or another.

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