The greatest showman 2 would be a mistake

The Greatest Showman took the world by storm in 2017, it would be a mistake to bring back Hugh Jackman as the charismatic PT Barnum in a sequel.

It would be a mistake for disney to come out The greatest showman 2a sequel to the 2017 musical drama The the biggest Showman. Audiences received a magical Christmas present in 2017, with the film becoming one of the highest-grossing musicals of all time. Cast members, including the main man Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams, have expressed interest in appearing in a follow-up. In 2019, The greatest showman 2 has been confirmed to be in production. However, since the 20e Acquired by Century Fox by Disney, the sequel ended up in development limbo.

Freely inspired by real events, The greatest showman tells the story of PT Barnum, an eccentric entertainer who, in search of fame and fortune, gathers particularly talented and interesting individuals to perform at his newest attraction: Barnum’s Circus. Jackman, who is no stranger to stage and screen musicals, stars as Barnum, backed by an ensemble cast including Keala Settle, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and musical high school veteran Zac Efron. Told through nine original songs, the uplifting story glosses over some of the real Barnum’s more questionable acts in favor of portraying him as a caring and inspiring showman.


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Despite a plethora of historical inaccuracies, the film’s massive entertainment value was undeniable. Yet, since all the narrative threads have been tied at the end, it’s hard to wonder where The greatest showman 2 would take the story next, implying that it would be a mistake to attempt a follow-up. By the end of the film, the successful circus had been handed over to Efron’s talented Phillip Carlyle, and Barnum was finally spending some precious time with his family, giving audiences a palpable sense of closure and a real sense of satisfaction. It would be a shame to lose that in a sequel. Considering the true true life story of PT Barnum, a sequel would unravel plot points that have already been resolved while continuing to show Barnum as a charismatic hero or diverge completely and investigate the darker areas of his life: a choice risky to follow up on its popular predecessor.

Zac Efron as Phillip and Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum in Greatest Showman

After grossing $434.9 million at the box office and the soundtrack album being the biggest-selling worldwide of 2018, The greatest showman 2 would undoubtedly make more money for Disney, but it would be at the expense of the narrative: beloved characters would feel stale, plot points would be unoriginal and forced, and the second soundtrack wouldn’t be as good. . Musical soundtracks often stick with audiences longer than the movie itself. The soundtrack to The greatest showman was no exception, contributing greatly to the film’s financial success. As a follow-up, a more immersive and thrilling experience would be to see this story adapted into a stage show rather than a sequel, bringing the glamorous, musical spectacle of the circus to audiences with greater impact than a potentially lackluster sequel.

It is undeniable that The greatest showman is a delightful film that works perfectly as a standalone feature film. A sequel would simply complicate the narrative and disappoint a once-loving audience. Considering Barnum’s real life, it would be a mistake to The greatest showman 2 to continue his story, and it would make more sense for Disney to quit while they’re ahead, leaving Jackman’s dramatized version of the man to be truly remembered as The greatest showman.

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