The hidden gem of the sci-fi action thriller you can catch on Hulu


“Boss Level” is another Joe Carnahan joint that shows he’s not the kind of filmmaker to repeat himself. He’s brought his macho style to everything from horror (“The Gray”) to comedy (“Stretch”), but he never gives up on the harsh elements that make his films appealing to fans. “Boss Level” is his first attempt at science fiction, but it’s far from exhilarating or overly complex. The thrilling action and ghoulish sets we’d expect from Carnahan’s films are present and catered for, and the film doesn’t make any frills to be shameless popcorn entertainment.

“Boss Level” is one of Carnahan’s most entertaining and wacky releases to date, a visceral thriller that takes great pleasure in getting rid of its protagonist in a very violent way. Add in shootouts, sword fights, and beheadings, and there’s something for everyone. According to Carnahan in an interview with geek lair, the film draws in part from his experiences playing “silly” video games with his child, which explains the title.

Critics also appreciated the film upon its release. Rotten tomatoes gave “Boss Level” a fresh 76% rating, noting how it “fuels the increasingly crowded time loop genre with a cheerfully over-the-top sci-fi action thriller that reels in its own excess.” If you like velocity and adrenaline in your movies, you won’t regret giving “Boss Level” a chance. Add it to your Hulu Queue ASAP.

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