The latest video of Connor, the rarely seen son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, leaves fans in shock

Ahad Sanwari

Nicole Kidman and by Tom Cruise two children, Bella Kidman Cruise and Connor Cruiseprefer to spend their time away from the spotlight.

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Both pursue their own interests significantly different from those of their parents, with Bella being an artist and Connor a deep sea fishing enthusiast.

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VIDEO: Nicole Kidman’s Relationship With Adopted Children With Tom Cruise

The latter, however, has built up his own devoted fan base, many of whom enjoys seeing his exploits as he lives off the land and sea.

His latest video on social networks proves it, as do his followers reacted with shock and awe to his latest capture and scale.

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Connor shared a video of the gigantic fish that he and his friends had managed to catchcelebrating as he was exposed.

“Did it yesterday with the boys. 301# Warsaw on the crank,” he captioned his clip, and his comments were filled with many gasps.

Connor’s fans reacted with admiration to his new fishing video

“Oh wow Connor!!! Great catch!!! #yeartake,” one commented, while another said, “What’s going on in the [expletive]!!! How many pounds was that.”

A third even asked: “I hope you ate it??? I feel a little bad for the beautiful fish, but I hope it was eaten”, Connor clarified that it was ultimately for a good cause, replying, “Don’t feel bad! This fish went to charity and feeds a lot of people.”

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Connor and his sister rarely share insight into their relationship with their famous parents, keeping their family time private.

Although there were reports that the two were estranged from their mother due to their involvement with Scientology, the actress rejected any breakup with her children.

Both prefer to stay out of the spotlight

“Motherhood is the journey,” she said The sun in 2019. “There are going to be some amazing ups and downs, whether you’re an adoptive mother or a birth mother. What a child needs is love.”

Nicole added, “They made the choice to be Scientologists. It’s our job as parents to always provide unconditional love.”

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