The Northman’s Alexander Skarsgard Is Perfect For Thor’s Brother Balder

The following contains spoilers for The Northman, which is currently playing in theaters.

One of the main aspects of Robert Eggers The man from the north that’s how commanding Alexander Skarsgård was in the lead role of Prince Amleth. Driven only by revenge, he embarked on a perilous journey after seeing his father, Aurvandil, killed as a child. It even caused him to become a savage after escaping the coup, marching to Iceland to secure closure. And in the final half of the film, Amleth was unleashed like a war machine, slaughtering in his berserker mode in one of the most spectacular Norse epics of all time. But interestingly, as the Viking stood out, his journey proved that Skarsgård would actually be ideal as Thor’s brother in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now that’s not Loki – it’s actually Balder the Brave, which surprisingly hasn’t been used by Marvel Studios yet. Balder’s role has been prominent in the comics since his inception by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the ’60s. He was eventually repurposed to be Odin’s son with Frigga, and destined half-brother to the throne of Asgard.

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Balder’s death also launched Ragnarök into the comics, making it even more important. And despite their tumultuous beginnings, Thor would continue to respect his brother, understanding how difficult his journey was. So, seeing as the MCU has Valkyrie ruling New Asgard, it’s easy to open a new angle after Thor: Love and Thunder, where Balder arrives to claim the throne.

It would free up Valkyrie to do what she does best – patrolling and fighting. But more than that, it would allow Balder and Thor to be at loggerheads, with Thor wary and suspicious if this new Odinson is worthy of the throne. However, what’s most appealing about this rivalry is that Skarsgård has the looks and the size to take on the bulky Chris Hemsworth. And their banter would be great because Skarsgård is adept at comedy and action sequences, as seen when he went on his Nordic killing spree.

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And make no mistake, Skarsgård embraced madness, which began with his training in the Fenrir wolf pack in The man from the north, lapping up war and Norse mysticism to regain his crown. He was intense and selfless, which is the kind of intimidating aura Balder should have in the evolution of Asgard. The MCU may even have him replace Hela as the ruler of Hel, according to the books, wanting to take what was rightfully his. This angle would once again provide Thor with a monstrous and cerebral adversary, which he’s encountered in the past with Thanos.

Balder is the kind of equal Thor needs, and given that the idea of ​​a brother resonates even more deeply since Loki died and Hela tried to betray Thor as a sister, another brother would be. total wit work on the god of thunder. And because of how Skarsgård handled the loss and the family in The man from the north, he would easily adapt to Balder’s pain and provide the MCU with an unpredictable and physically imposing Odinson. Thor is in a period of transition on the big screen, and Skarsgård would help him continue beautifully.

See how Skarsgårdit is Amleth proves he can be the MCU’s Balder in The Northman, which is playing in theaters now.

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