The reason why Serge Gnabry wears black nail polish

There is an important message behind the reason

Many people have understood that Bayern Munich star Serge Gnabry played football with only one fingernail painted black – but many don’t know why. However, there is an important message behind the painted nail.

As reported by BILD, the attacker painted an individual fingernail on his fingers in reference to a campaign known as the “Polished Man” campaign, which was founded by an organization known as “YGAP”.

The international organization was set up to raise awareness of the problem of child abuse, with the painted fingernail representing the fact that one in five children under the age of 18 worldwide are victims of sexual and physical abuse.

The inspiration for the nail painting came after YGAP CEO Elliot Costello had her nails painted by a girl who had been rescued after being sexually and physically abused in an orphanage.

On their website, YGAP explains why they seek to use men to publicize their organization. They say, “Polished Man isn’t about pointing fingers when it comes to violence, it’s about empowering everyone to be part of the solution.

“Men both commit and experience high levels of violence, and are often unlikely to come forward and seek help. A world with less violence against children is a world where men play an active role in the prevention of violence and have space for their own recovery after experiencing violence.

“We believe that men can and should be an important part of the conversation and efforts to end violence against children. Polished Man is about celebrating men as caregivers, leaders and protectors – and above all, it It’s about asking everyone to stand together in protecting the most vulnerable in society: children.”

Alongside Gnabry, several other famous stars, including actors Chris Hemsworth and Tyler Blackburn, have also worked alongside the organization to raise awareness.

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