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Nicole Kidman is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and is currently having a great professional moment after her Oscar nomination in the category of best actress for her portrayal of Lucille Ball in “Being the Ricardos”.

In a recent interview, the actress shared how her kids grounded her amid her excitement about being considered for the Oscars. “They looked at me and said ‘Wow, congratulations, mom. Either way, we’re gonna be late, we gotta go‘” the “Big Little Lies” star shared in a dialogue with the show “The View”.

At the time, Kidman was with her husband, the country music singer Keith Urbanand the children they had together: sunday rose and Faith Margaret. In addition, the actress has other two children she adopted from her marriage to Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor, although he does not have a great connection with them because, like his famous father, they profess Scientology. In fact, when the couple divorced in 2001, they went to live with the “Mission: Impossible” protagonist. “It was his decision,” Kidman said. I will not speak publicly about Scientology because I have two children who are Scientologists and I respect their beliefs.“.

Isabella ‘Bella’ Jane Cruise was born in 1992. She studied makeup in London and in his social networks (where he also bears his mother’s surname) he describes himself as an artist. has a business to print images on clothes, bags, cell phone cases and paintings that she sells on her website. In 2015, after a year of attendance, married in secret with British consultant Max Parker at a Church of Scientology. According to El País, Nicole Kidman was not only absent but was also unaware of the connectionwhile Tom Cruise attended the ceremony and took charge of organizing and paying for the after party at the Dorchester Hotel.

Bella in a photo from October 2021

Connor Antony Cruise was born in 1995. He used to work as a DJ but for some time now he has dedicated himself to gastronomy and fishing. He is also a basketball and baseball fan. Like his sister, he lives far from the cameras and posts very few photos of himself on social networks. In 2019 he married Silvia Zanchi and Nicole Kidman was also not invited to the wedding.

“I am very secretive about them, I have to protect this relationship. But what I know 150% is that I would give my life for my children.said the actress in an interview with the Australian magazine quien. “They are adults, they are able to make their own decisions. They chose to be Scientologists and as a mother, my job is to love them. It is our job as parents, to always provide unconditional love,” she added. Although they haven’t been seen publicly together since 2006, Connor he said in a 2014 interview: “I love my mother. I don’t care what people say. I know mom and I are strong. I love him so much”.

Connor in April 2021

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