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THOMASVILLE – The film industry has grown around Thomasville, thanks to the production services company known as Thomasville Pictures.

The company doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon with two projects being filmed in Thomasville and two more unnamed films set to shoot later this year.

“There are two new films this year that we’re going to bring,” said Allen Cheney, executive producer of Thomasville Pictures. “We haven’t announced it yet because we can’t do it, but we have two more films planned for this year, which means we will have made at least five films in Thomasville through our company Thomasville Pictures.”

Cheney, a native of Thomasville, and his partner Ryan Smith, said they started the business with the intention of increasing production in southwest Georgia.

The company started in 2019 with its first project “The Tiger Rising”, starring Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid. They then began filming their second “One Way” project in February with Kevin Bacon and Machine Gun Kelly.

“The Tiger Rising” is due out on June 24, according to

“A few years ago Thomasville had never had any movies or anything that took advantage of the wonderful Georgia movie model,” Cheney said, “so I decided to bring some of my projects here (Thomasville ) and see how they went and they took it out and made it big. I brought a few more and everything seems to be going well.

The production company’s current projects include “Bandit” with Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson and Supercell “with Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche.

“I think it’s (making a movie in Thomasville) good for the city because we bring a lot of money to the city when we come. We haven’t really seen outside filmmakers come in and do other things yet, it’s just our company making every movie, ”Cheney said. “We love the model. We love Thomasville, we love people and the way they embrace us.

Shelley Zorn, executive director of the Thomasville Payroll Development Authority, said she saw an indirect and direct economic boost from the rise of film productions in Thomasville.

“They (Thomasville Pictures) have now brought four films to Thomasville and the budgets for those films total $ 38 million. The production comes in and spends the money, and then the crew itself goes out and spends it. money, ”she said. “It’s a new industry for us. They don’t strain our infrastructure so I think it’s a good, clean industry spending money here and I think it’s exciting for the residents. . I haven’t heard any negative comments. ”

The increase in film production has also had an impact on the development of the workforce in Thomasville.

“I think a lot of times some of the existing jobs may not be as appealing to some students and so film is definitely a new industry that our community just got a taste of,” said Andrea Collins, executive director of the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce. “Anyone looking for this route to a career in film, the sky’s the limit. From a workforce development perspective, I think there are more opportunities in that direction.

Cheney said the movie tax credit is one of the things that attracts filmmakers to Georgia, and it’s currently at 30%, or 30 cents of every Georgia state dollar.

“It’s very lucrative,” Cheney said, “that’s why a lot of people all over the world love to come and shoot in Georgia. Most of them shoot in the Atlanta area, so we kind of broke it down. the mold when we started doing it here in Thomasville.

With production increasing in Thomasville, Cheney said other producers might want to start filming in Thomasville as well, and hopes they respect the city like his company has.

“I hope other producers want to come and do the same, but they are following our lead and also treating Thomasville the right way,” he said. “Since I’m from here it’s just important for me to do it the right way and with others not from here I hope they have the same respect we got.”

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