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Chris Hemsworth shares another background photo from Thor: Love and Thunder with him and Chris Pratt. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded, characters from various establishments began to interface with each other. This was especially evident before the end of the Infinity Saga when all of the MCU’s Legends came together to fight Thanos. These groups passed on great couples between established characters, and the comedic partnership between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge success in Avengers: Infinity War.

Hemsworth has refreshed Marvel fans with new Thor: Love and Thunder prods throughout its creation, and despite filming being completed, his posts are not. The most recent look shows him and Chris Pratt hanging out in the middle of the scenes and looking ridiculous to some extent. The Instagram giveaway was given over praise from MCU star Chris Evans and his 40th birthday, Hemsworth joking that Evans will always be his No.1 Chris. With this enjoyable post, however, Hemsworth shared an incredible look at Thor and Star-Lord’s next experience.

This up-close look at Thor and Star-Lord’s new outfits in Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t reveal an excess of what early photographs did not. All things considered, Marvel fans should have fun and see a brief glimpse of the bond Hemsworth and Pratt have together. Their onscreen comedic science is excellent, and it could be an immediate interpretation of their offscreen relationship. While Star-Lord and the Guardians aren’t supposed to have huge jobs in Thor 4, the scenes they share are almost certainly absurd.

Given that Thor’s hybrid with the Guardians is still around a year away, ideally artists continue to give fans more information on what to expect. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 also not too far away, most likely Thor: Love and Thunder won’t be the last time the God of Thunder works with the Motley Space Group. A true hybrid movie with these characters would be a big hit for Marvel Studios, and it could happen someday, especially if Hemsworth and Pratt really cooperate.

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