TikTok comedian’s prediction streak ends as Brad Hazzard denies taking a dive to catch a leak



In a series of interviews over the weekend, the comedian dismissed suggestions he leaked the information and instead described a series of tongue-in-cheek methods of how he “calculates” the numbers every day.

Kairouz says his calculation was a simple matter of arithmetic, as you can see from his scribbled whiteboard of graphs and equations. He told Sky News he learned his methods at a school for the gifted, “run by Professor Xavier and Hugh Jackman,” a reference to the X-Men comic book movies.

A key measurement is Fairfield’s diameter, “which changes regularly,” he tells his avid viewers behind a desk that houses two WWE heavyweight belts and a wreath – clear proof of his mathematical prowess.

The population of Sydney divided by the population of NSW also has something to do with it, he says. Then he takes into account the number of past cases and the new number of local infections, looks at the whiteboard and sums up the rest in his head to produce the number.

Kairouz, who has more than 305,000 followers on TikTok and 53,000 on Instagram, was not deterred when his numbers fell short of the official figure on Monday. He issued a statement supporting his “Kairouz Probability Theorem”, and claiming that the figure 98 was released “only to discredit my mathematical genius”.


“I made it clear that there was no source and that any statement to the contrary was false and I doubt Gladdy and her government would stoop that low,” he said.

Despite the jarring numbers, Kairouz promises more “great content” and “maybe even predictions” to come.

His Instagram Profile Quotes Seinfeld‘s George Costanza: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

He declined to answer further questions.

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