Try Chris Hemsworth’s 400-Rep Core Workout

If you’ve been craving a new core and abs workout that requires little equipment but lots of sweat, today’s your lucky day. Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor himself, just dropped a mostly bodyweight routine that he says is his staple workout, and I’m already clearing room for it in my workout routine.

Hemsworth is known for his super-strong physique and his passion for exercise and nutrition — so much so that he even founded a workout and meal-planning app, Centr, to share his own fitness and workout routines. nutrition. She’s a real force in the fitness world, so every time the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ actor shares a new routine (and we’ve been blessed by many), we start preparing for a serious challenge. . I’ve tried some Hemsworth-approved routines myself, so I know firsthand how difficult they are. For this core workout, however, all I needed was a look at the exercise list to see just how brutal it really is.

Hemsworth’s workout targets every part of your core: abs, obliques (aka side abs), glutes, and even your lower back. (Yes, it’s all part of your core.) The workout is simple: eight exercises, 10 reps each, for five rounds. My abs are burning just thinking about it. More good news: the routine is suitable for home training and almost only for bodyweight. One movement requires a medicine ball, but you can replace it with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or an at-home alternative (water bottle, milk jug, rice bag, etc.). Here are your moves:

If you repeat this sequence for the full five sets, that’s a total of 50 reps per move — and 400 in total — which is plenty for your core muscles. Hemsworth recommends resting for 60 seconds between each set and going through the workout at your own pace. You can also add shorter rest sessions between exercises, or increase to two or three sets if you’re not quite up to five. Your abs will be sore tomorrow regardless.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Hemsworth actually performed all of these moves on the deck of a Navy ship, according to the video above. We can assure you that this type of location is not required for training, but it looks very cool. (Maybe if you have an extra sailboat lying around? A wide enough paddle board? A big piece of driftwood?) Personally, I’m going to try this workout in my home gym – read: the floor of my bedroom – before my next run, because I love to burn my abs a bit before hitting the pavement.

Watch Hemsworth perform the moves above, then try this workout for yourself — if you and your abs are up for a challenge, of course.

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