TWDs Josh McDermitt, Steve Coulter and Marcus Lewis in Last Looks


It is very exciting to hear from the members of The universe of the Walking Dead embark on other projects. Whether they’ve left the show and moved on to new projects or doing other pieces alongside their time on the show, it’s always amazing to watch them progress! Three of our TWD family members have been cast in a new action thriller, Last looks.

From movies to TV appearances, there is always something to look forward to with the people featured on our favorite doomsday show. They are certainly busy!

Recently there have been a few more updates on a new movie for three actors in TWD Family.

Walking Dead actors in Last Looks

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Last looks, formerly named Waldo, is an action thriller by British filmmaker Tim Kirkby. The film is based on a novel of the same name written by Howard Gould, and the film was announced in 2018 with a possible release date again this year.

The plot is detailed to tell about a disgraced LAPD detective who currently lives off the grid. He is brought back into the police force as a private investigator to investigate the tragic murder of the wife of a television star.

Fans of The walking dead will see three familiar faces in Last looks. IMDB confirms that Josh McDermitt, Steve Coulter and Marcus Lewis will star in this film.

McDermitt (Eugene Porter) will play the director role, while Coulter (Reg Monroe) is listed as Dr. Sebastian Hexter and Lewis (Duncan) is Behemoth 2. There are no details yet on these characters and what they are. they mean for the plot.

The film also stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy), who stars as LAPD Detective Charlie Waldo and Mel Gibson as Alastair Punch. The film also stars Morena Baccarin,
Dominic Monaghan, Jacob Scipio, Clancy Brown, Paul Ben-Victor, Rupert Friend and Method Man.

It’s very exciting that they are staring in the same movie, and hopefully we have a release date and trailer soon. It will be great to see them all take on new roles and play characters with totally different temperaments than what we’ve seen in their other works.

One of the three Walking Dead are the actors suspect? Potentially, they could all play a role – we’ll have to find out!

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