Update: the explosion that rocked downtown New York explained


Update: The boom heard in central New York this afternoon was likely caused by a meteor.

The explosive sound reported in Onondaga County and beyond was likely a sonic boom from a meteor, said Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society. Loud, large-scale booms occur when meteors tear through the atmosphere, he said.

The boom is not the only evidence that a meteor has made it to Earth: Witnesses from Canada, New York and Maryland have reported seeing a fireball in the sky, Lunsford said.

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It’s rare to spot a meteor during the day, Lunsford said. And most large rocks burn while they’re still high in the atmosphere.

“It must be a big deal,” Lunsford said. “It has to be a big chunk of rock to survive.”

Reports of fireballs and sonic booms continue to arrive, Lunsford said. The reports will help the American Meteor Society glean more evidence and information on the meteor.

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Syracuse, NY – A large boom, reported as an “explosion”, rocked Onondaga County and surrounding areas.

Residents of Clinton in Oneida County in Camille called 911 Wednesday afternoon to report an explosion. Several police and fire departments are investigating the cause of the boom.

The first report in Onondaga County was made at 12:12 p.m.

The source of the boom is unclear, said Sgt. Jon Seeber, spokesperson for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. MPs are checking with National Grid and the National Weather Service to see if officials from either agency know what happened.

Residents of southern Oswego County also said they heard the explosive sound, an Oswego County 911 dispatcher said. Calls were coming in from Volney, Palermo and Pennellville.

Residents of Madison and Oneida counties also said they experienced the boom.

Things seemed calm in the Auburn area: No explosions were reported in Cayuga County, 911 dispatchers said.

People from across the region said they heard and felt the great boom. They called and emailed from: Syracuse, Onondaga, Geddes, DeWitt, Baldwinsville, Fayetteville, Manlius, Jamesville, Clay, Salina, Cazenovia, New Woodstock, Brewerton, Cicero, Pennellville, West Monroe, Hannibal and Verona.

The boom shook the windows and woke the animals from their naps.

Residents, many of whom were working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, looked outside their homes, checking for what could have caused the noise and clicking.

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