Warner Bros. Partners with D-ID to Create Next Generation Film Promotion


LOS ANGELES and TEL AVIV, Israel, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Warner Bros. partnered with Oblio and D-username to create a promotion of a unique film, harnessing AI to give viewers a leading role in the new Hugh jackman film, “Reminiscence”.

“Reminiscence”, a fast-paced science fiction film directed by Westworld’s Lisa Joy, released in theaters and on HBO Max on 20 August. The film centers on the character of Nick bannister, played by Hugh jackman. Bannister is a minded private investigator, navigating the alluring world of the past.

Thanks to the patented machine learning technology of MADE, the Creative Reality ™ company behind Deep nostalgia, Warner Bros. and Oblio have created a web portal where viewers can create their own scene in the film – a memory that comes to life. Users of this revolutionary technology only need to provide one photo to fit alongside Jackman into a personalized movie preview which can then be shared on social media. The tool has generated 70,000 animations to date.

Now, rather than passively watching a movie, viewers can be a part of it. This new generation movie promo represents a new trend that we are about to see a lot more Hollywood.

“If Hollywood is a place where dreams are made, AI is the ultimate tool to turn those dreams into extraordinary experiences,” said Gil perry, CEO and co-founder of D-IDENTIFIER. “D-ID is the world leader in using AI, deep learning and image processing technology to bring still images to life. We’re excited to partner with one of the historic leaders in the film industry to bring this technology to moviegoers, and look forward to working with Warner Bros. on future projects. “

The partnership between D-username and Warner Bros. was facilitated by Oblio, a digital studio specializing in the use of technology in cinema. Viewers might recognize Oblio’s innovative creative content from other Warner Bros. hits, most notably the “Wonder Woman” series, “Shazam!” and JK Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts” series. Their collaboration with D-username is the latest advance towards synthetic AI-based media in Hollywood, where the appetite for innovative new ways to attract audiences to theaters has grown since the advent of COVID-19.

“It doesn’t happen very often that the creative and technical abilities overlap so perfectly,” said Ben posedel, producer at Oblio. “The centerpiece of the film’s narrative in ‘Reminiscence’ being the idea of ​​going back in memory, we immediately reflected on the innovative work being done in this space and how we could build with the D- tools.username has developped.”

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D-ID is a Tel AvivCreative Reality ™ -based startup specializing in patented video reconstruction technology using AI and deep learning. Created in 2017, D-username created the first facial image deidentification solution to protect images and videos from facial recognition software. D-ID products range from animating still photos to facilitating high-quality video productions and creating viral user experiences such as Deep Nostalgia, which has generated nearly 100M entertainment since its launch at the end of February. With $ 23 million in funding from Y Combinator, Pitango, AXA, Foundation VC, AI Alliance and others, D-username aims to disrupt the media and entertainment industries with the creation of media using AI. With international customers in the rapidly growing synthetic media market, D-ID basic human-facing skills and deep learning enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content that was previously unimaginable. To learn more, visit https://www.d-id.com.

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