What Danny Masterson Rape Trial Reveals About Scientology Secrets


Scientology secrets slowly spread as Danny Masterson is tried for rape.

The former “That 70s Show” actor is accused of sexually assaulting three women who were allegedly silenced and prevented from coming forward by the Church of Scientology.

Masterson is a long-time member of the controversial church, and women have expressed concern that Scientology leaders are protecting him when they attempt to expose his actions.

The Church of Scientology is known to be very secretive about its inner workings, making Masterson’s trial a rare glimpse into the policies and beliefs of Scientologists.

What Scientology Secrets Have Been Revealed by Danny Masterson’s Trial?

Former members claim the church used private detectives to spy on them.

Leah Remini has hinted that Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman have been threatened and banned from talking about their ex-partner and Scientologist deity, Tom Cruise. To date, all of these allegations have remained unfounded.

However, the church’s notorious secrecy was turned upside down by Masterson’s trial.

Faced with three counts of rape, no evidence against Masterson’s or Scientology’s involvement in these cases is out of the question.

Scientology members would be banned from reporting themselves

In order to send the case to trial, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo referred to Church doctrine that explains why women have taken nearly two decades to come forward.

Scientology is said to have rules in place that prohibit members from reporting other members to law enforcement.

One woman mentioned that she had to write to a “head of international justice” in the church to ask for permission to denounce Masterson.

A textbook titled Introduction to the Ethics of Scientology was also used as evidence because it contained a doctrine that women interpreted as rules restricting law enforcement involvement.

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Victims say they were prevented from using the word ‘rape’

Another victim recalled a meeting with an “ethics official” after reporting the alleged rape.

She claims she was warned “not to use the” R word “” and said it would be a “serious crime” to speak out against Masterson, whose behavior has come under scrutiny for years.

The victim testified that she was ordered to read the chapter “Introduction to the Ethics of Scientology” which orders members not to go to the police in cases of rape.

Victim says she was told to take responsibility for her rape

This victim also testified that she had to take an “ethics course” because she had done “something to … deserve what [Masterson] made me.

A woman, who said she was unconscious when Masterson allegedly raped her in 2001, says she was told to “take responsibility” for the assault.

The victim blame tactics involved by the church also explain part of the reluctance to come forward.

During cross-examination of a woman, Masterson’s attorney read a church document that he said amounted to a confession by the alleged victim that the encounter was consensual.

However, the woman said the statement was written by church officials, who took the comments she made to a counselor out of context and used them to defend Masterson.

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Another victim explains how she was threatened with ex-communication

Another woman, who claims she was raped by Masterson at her Hollywood mansion in 2003, recounted how her plans to report him a year later were blocked.

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A Scientology lawyer came to the home of the woman, who was born in Scientology, and reportedly warned her that she would be kicked out of the church if she spoke out against Masterson.

“We’re going to find out how you can’t lose your daughter,” the lawyer told the woman’s father, according to her testimony.

Non-Scientology members are allegedly called “ wogs ”

One woman spoke of Scientology’s contempt for the “wog law” which is used to refer to the legal system and the police.

When asked if Scientology derogately refers to non-members as “wogs,” she replied, “I guess. It is not a good thing.

Scientology denies women’s claims

A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology refutes the claim that members are prohibited from reporting crimes despite manuals being used as evidence in court.

The spokesperson said the courts had either not read the doctrine thoroughly or had ignored it.

“It shouldn’t have done either. The interpretation of the doctrine of the Church by the courts is prohibited, ”they added.

They also dismissed the allegations against Masterson as “nothing more than a questioning of the money.”

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