What is Don Cheadle’s net worth?


Don Cheadle has had an impressive acting career. Of crash At the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the man has had an illustrious career full of roles, big and small. Now with his latest release as a War Machine in the upcoming Disney + series Armor wars on the horizon, more people than ever want to know more about the star. This includes questions about net worth, to which we have the answers.

Cheadle’s net worth is probably lower than you expected

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While no one can deny that Cheadle is a rich man, his total net worth is probably a little lower than one would think for an actor of his caliber. According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is estimated to be around $ 40 million.

It’s definitely not a small amount of money, certainly not as high as some of the other big Hollywood stars. Cheadle made the majority of his money acting.

In terms of what he spends, much of his wealth goes to charity. He is co-founder of the Not on Our Watch Foundation, dedicated to stopping genocide and human rights violations around the world. He also invests in groups like the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, of which he is a member of the advisory board.

Cheadle has had an award-winning career for many years

Prior to becoming known for his work on Marvel, Cheadle had been an acclaimed actor for many years. He was Buck in Boogie evenings, to begin with, and nearly won an Oscar for Best Actor for playing the lead role in Rwanda Hotel. One of his most notable recurring roles has been in the Oceans franchise as Basher Tarr.

He has been nominated no less than six times for Outstanding Lead Actor in an Emmy Comedy Series, first for his work on The house of lies, Then for Black monday.

Other forays into television have included roles on The simpsons and 30 Rock, as well as a brief passage on Duck tales playing Donald Duck (yes, really). Most recently he played villainous Al-G Rhythm in Space Jam: a new legacy.

The actor’s Marvel paychecks are surprisingly small compared to most of his co-stars

While this is such an important part of the MCU, Cheadle’s pay per movie is insanely low. Based on IMDb and other sources, Cheadle only earned $ 1 million for his Iron Man 2 debut.

While no official company source has released their salary information for their follow-up appearances, it is believed that this has not changed even as War Machine has become increasingly prominent in each new movie.

While no one can really expect to match Robert Downey, Jr. as he makes hundreds of millions of dollars per movie, you would expect the man who plays his character’s best friend to win. a bit more.

If the rumors that his salary has still not been raised are true, he earns less than other actors like Chris Hemsworth ($ 15 million in Infinity war), Mark Ruffalo ($ 15 million in End of Game), Scarlett Johansson ($ 20 million in Black Widow), Jeremy Renner ($ 15 million in End of Game) and Chris Evans ($ 15 million in Endgame) the whole time.

It makes sense that his salary is a bit lower than that of many other big names given that he’s not necessarily a “main character” among the Avengers team, but it also stands to reason that he has probably already won a raise.

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