Who is Nicole Kidman husband Keith Urban?


Nicole kidman and Keith Urbain feel lucky to have met over 16 years ago. Although the Nine Perfect Strangers actress and the “Wild HeartsThe country music singer met later in life – both were 37 at the time – the two can’t remember what it was like before they fell in love.

Nicole and Keith first met in January 2005 at the G’Day USA Gala in Los Angeles, an annual event honoring Australian talent. Speaking on The Oprah Winfrey Show in november 2010, Keith remembered wanting to meet Nicole at the reception where they were recognized alongside the actor Mel Gibson.

“I swear to you, she slipped across the room like a float.” I don’t know how she did it, ”he told the host Oprah winfrey. “It was out of this world and there was a point where she wasn’t with anyone, there was no one around, and I thought, ‘I’m just going to go upstairs and say hello. “”


“I had the courage to go do it, very nervously and trying to be cool,” he continued. After introducing himself to Nicole, Keith admitted he didn’t know what else to say and quickly said goodbye. But almost instantly, he realized he had made a mistake by leaving her too soon.

“Was I supposed to say more?” ”Said Keith. “A friend of mine said to me, ‘I think she wanted to talk to you.’ And I was like ‘Me? Why would she want to talk to me? So I went back and apologized, and we just started talking and we really clicked.

Meanwhile, Nicole remembers having “such a crush on him” but she thought he was not interested in her. “He didn’t call me for four months,” she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017. And it’s true, Keith took several weeks to call Nicole, but it wasn’t because he didn’t want to. He thought “she was out of [his] league.”

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“Someone gave me her number and I had it in my pocket for a while. I kept staring at it, like, ‘If I call this number, she will answer. I don’t know. [to] say ‘,’ he said on an Australian talk show. Maintenance in 2018. “I wasn’t in a very healthy situation in my life. I never thought she would see anything in a guy like me. But at one point I had the courage to call those numbers and she answered, and we started talking and we talked and talked and talked and talked and it was effortless. “

This phone call would mark the start of their whirlwind relationship. By Nicole’s 38th birthday in June 2005, just a month after their first phone conversation, she knew Keith was her person. “It was my [38th] birthday, and he was standing outside with gardenias at 5 am on my front porch in New York, ”she said People in 2019. “That’s when I was like, ‘This is the man I hope I can marry.'”

Keith then took Nicole to the legendary Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York on his motorcycle. “It was pretty intense,” Nicole told the magazine. “I believed at the time that he was the love of my life. Maybe it’s because I’m deeply romantic, or I’m an actress, or I have strong faith too, but I just thought, ‘Oh, okay, here it is.’ “

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A year later, on June 25, 2006, Keith and Nicole become husband and wife at a candlelight ceremony in Manly, Australia. “Meeting [Nicole] and getting married didn’t change your life, it was the beginning of life, ”said Keith CBS News in May 2016. “It was literally, like ‘OK, life begins.'”

Four months after enjoying their honeymoon in French Polynesia, the two faced their first challenge as a married couple. Next to a intervention edited by Nicole, Keith visited the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, Calif., To alcohol abuse treatment. He had already admitted to drug rehab in 1998 for cocaine use. But the second time around, he had the love and support of Nicole during that three month stay.

“I caused the implosion of my new marriage,” said Keith Rolling stone in 2016. “He survived, but it’s a miracle he did. I have been spiritually awakened with it. I use the phrase “I was born into her”, and that’s how I feel. And for the first time in my life, I was able to let go of the shackles of addiction.

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Fast forward, Keith and Nicole welcomed her first child, a girl named Sunday Rose, July 7, 2008. Two years later, their family grows again with the arrival of their second daughter, Marguerite faith, December 28, 2010 via a surrogate mother. While the duo kept their children out of the Hollywood spotlight, they were presented as extras on Nicole’s HBO drama Max Big little lies and attended the 2021 Golden Globes virtual show. (See them in the video above at the 5:35 mark.)

Through it all, the couple’s love has grown tenfold and Keith has only one person to thank for leading the way. He shared with The boot earlier this summer, the incredible impact his wife had on him.

“I don’t even know if she changed my life; she gave me a life. There seems to be no connection to my previous life until I met her. I have such deep love and gratitude for everything. what she did for me. “

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