Why Chris Hemsworth’s Rotten Tomatoes Movie Is Worth Watching

Fair spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen the original “Red Dawn,” the movie has a pretty major twist in store near the end. We’ll discuss the remake version of said twist in a moment, so if you’re planning on watching the movie and you’re unfamiliar with the original, you should probably take a break from reading and come back after you’ve finished. the film.

As the threat level and reputation of the Wolverines increase, the invaders send in reinforcements, namely a group of Russian Spetsnaz forces. It seems to be the cue for a big boss showdown, and it’s even preceded by a cute heart-to-heart between the Eckert brothers. Surely they are able to defeat the enemy and live to fight another day?

Not so, at least in Jed’s case. In what might just be one of the most startling and unceremonious death scenes, Hemsworth’s heroic character finishes talking with Matt and casually walks down the hall… only to be suddenly shot in the head as the troops Spetsnaz begin their attack. The other Wolverines are eventually able to fight back, but Jed is by far the most shocking of the film’s many casualties.

This isn’t the only time a Chris Hemsworth character has died in a movie. However, given his A-lister status, seeing his character meet his end so suddenly and casually is a truly eerie moment that the viewer will likely remember for quite a while.

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