Why Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky Was Pumped For ‘Kick Ass’ In Her New Netflix Movie, And How It Relates To Her Family

At this point, we’re pretty used to seeing Chris Hemsworth and his massive arms performing some pretty intense on-screen action sequences. We know and love the actor in action-packed roles, but we’ve yet to really see his wife Elsa Pataky in a role that has her doing the same level of action. This is about to change, because the fast furious the star of the franchise is in a next movie 2022 for Netflix in which she “kicks ass” apparently. Interceptor The star has now explained why she’s excited about the film and how it relates to her family.

The world knows Chris Hemsworth as both Thor and a major action star, and his family is apparently no different – with his son dressed as the God of Thunder in an adorable imitation of his father. The Hemsworth kids get a double dose of action in their parentage as Elsa Pataky Interceptor will be released this year.

In an interview with entertainment tonight, Elsa Pataky talks about preparing for the action role and how Chris Hemsworth did a lot to help her prepare. She also talks about how important it was to her that her daughter India see not only her father, but also her mother onscreen in a “kicking” action role. Said Pataky,

In the house, Chris is the man of action. So it was good to show both. Especially my daughter. She was quite shocked when she saw the trailer and was like, ‘Wow mom, can you do this?’ They think they got the idea to love [the action star] to be a dad. So showing that women are capable too, not only of being moms and taking you to school, but also of kicking ass.

I can’t even imagine the warm moment of pride Elsa Pataky must have felt after her daughter saw her in such a movie, even though it was just the trailer and not the full movie. 10-year-old India is surely used to seeing her dad as the bloated superhero and watching it with her two brothers, and one can imagine it’s a highlight to see her mom flip the script on their family dynamics.

Chris Hemsworth not only comes out shot by his wife, but also his on-screen love interest for the next Thor: Love and Thunder. Natalie Portman turned into Mighty Thor and she has the arms to prove itappearing next to Hemsworth’s Thor and standing totally aura of superheroes.

This shift that we’ve seen more and more badass women on screen is absolutely fantastic. Little girls everywhere see their sex portrayed with strength and power, and Elsa Pataky can personally be that on-screen figure for her daughter.

by Elsa Pataky Interceptor is on Netflix movie schedule in 2022 for a June 3 release, and women everywhere can support Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor when Thor: Love and Thunder finally hits theaters on July 8.

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