Why Nicole Kidman is out of her comfort zone playing Lucille Ball


Nicole Kidman reveals that she is out of her comfort zone in her portrayal of comedy legend Lucille Ball in the movie Being the Ricardos.

Nicole Kidman reportedly out of her comfort zone as she tackles the role of iconic actress, comedian and businesswoman Lucille Ball in biopic drama Being the Ricardos. Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz became iconic television stars during their six-year journey as CBS stars’ I love lucy and subsequently as owners of the successful Desilu productions. Desilu will produce 25 series including the first seasons of Star Trek, Impossible mission, and Mannix.

While the couple’s iconic TV series I love lucy made them stars of the small screen, it would be Lucy and Desi’s professional relationship that would become legendary in the television industry. Ball used her star power to invest financially in the entertainment industry and became the first woman to run a television production company. Desilu would produce I love lucy and after Ball and Arnaz’s divorce in 1960, she bought out her ex-husband’s share and became a very committed studio manager.

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In a recent conversation with Chris Rock for Variety, Kidman spoke of the joys and challenges of playing ball. She explained that for this role, in particular, she had to devote a “huge” amount of time to her diction work because Ball had a very distinct way of speaking. She claimed that she was “out of his comfort zone “ and “Free fallin the role. Kidman also shared that she would appreciate the opportunity to be funny as she is never chosen in comedic roles. She explained that while many people think the movie is about I love lucy, it is at its heart a film about the relationship of the couple and marriage.

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Ball’s comedic timing would inspire many actresses for decades. However, Ball was not a natural comedian. Whatever antics her TV character might have for a particular episode, they’ve been prepared in advance. Ball had to understand the nuances of the scene so that she could relax and be comedic. She was so technical, and everything she did, every move she made, had to be worked out and tailored to whatever the scene called for. Only then was she able to relax and allow herself to fall into the lighter side of the sketch or stage, and Ball’s delivery was still on point. With so much preparation on Ball’s part, it makes sense that Kidman would be intimidated in his role.

Kidman and Ball may have more in common than you might think, as their work ethic seems to be of a similar nature. While critics couldn’t see Kidman in the role and found her cast unusual, there’s no one better to approach the task of embodying the comedic genius than the Oscar-winning actress. Some names thrown in the ring were Debra Messing, who replayed Ball from her I love lucy days out Will & Grace, and Cate Blanchett, who was originally in talks for the role as early as 2017. Whether or not Nicole Kidman succeeds in characterizing Ball in the film remains to be seen. But if his methodical method of creating matched Ball’s, fans might be genuinely surprised.

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Source: Variety

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