Why we’re thrilled with the Aquaman and Orm team

If you Google Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, you will most likely get a series of results unrelated to the movie. It looks like the movie’s release is just around the corner, though we won’t see it until March 17, 2023, with all the indifferent creative buzz. Recent controversial and disturbing events have taken center stage regarding the soon to be released film, so what will it be about?

No longer a symbol of the debate over the separation of art from reality, the film’s actual plot remained mostly unconsidered and undiscussed. However, a closer look reveals a movie with a lot more potential than the first. Thankfully, the film’s creators chose to forgo the more conventional romance-based or bigger and scarier plot and focus on the brotherhood between the now insane Aquaman and Ocean Master. It looks like the sequel will take its place in a huge list of superhero blockbusters by shaking things up a bit. It looks like he’s not going to take himself too seriously and will focus more on character development and dynamics by harvesting the chemistry between his talents.


Patrick Wilson, the actor behind Ocean Master or Orm Marius, is a likeable actor and personality. Famous for Conspiracy films and other more minor successes like big stone hole and The Phantom of the Operahe’s a handsome, talented and charming performer that we really want to see more of in the Aquaman movies. Even though he’s playing the so-called big bad — in a movie that co-stars Willem Dafoe, no less — Wilson still steals the show. His story and arc are interesting, and he was very wise of Warner Bros. to choose to refocus on his character and his dynamic with the titular Aquaman..

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Jason Momoa, meanwhile, is a powerful presence not only physically but emotionally. He single-handedly recreates the character of Aquaman, taking him from fishman to really cool guy. He has much more to offer the adoring public than the prying reports of his personal life.

Here’s everything we expect to see, and everything we want to see from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. We’ll also dive into the film’s shift in focus and its quest to move past its unintended association.

From brothers to rivals, brothers again?

The images revealed during a Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom panel by Australian director James Wan, also Conspiracy movies and the first Aquaman The installment, at this year’s CinemaCon, revealed the focus on the rivalry between Aquaman and Ocean Master and the resulting team. Arthur wanted to eventually reconcile with his brother, and obviously that will be the subject of the sequel, and fans couldn’t be happier!

Ocean Master wasn’t exactly a bad traitor, to begin with. His tantrum stemmed primarily from resentment over the loss of his mother and misdirected hatred from a group of beings he did not understand. Developing a relationship with Arthur de Momoa could bridge that understanding and help Orm become an accepting, peaceful, and developing leader.

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The buddy-comedy-type chemistry that two strong leads can have when written properly cannot be overstated, and it is hoped that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will give us only that. By providing the two feuding brothers with a common enemy in the menacing Black Manta, the two have something to bring them closer and bond forever.

The first one Aquaman The film was a huge commercial success, mainly due to its remarkable assemblage of stars. However, there wasn’t much to boast about in the plot or story that was new, other than a heartbreaking reunion between the incredibly powerful Atlanna, played by the one and only Nicole Kidman, and her devoted on-screen husband, At Boba Fett’s Temuera Morrison. Fortunately, this beautiful fictional couple is part of the cast of the sequel, so we can once again enjoy their chemistry. By making the sequel a buddy comedy, the Aquaman the series is gaining new drama and content from which to draw, and hopefully, the heart and originality it really needs to rise from the depths to the surface (see what we did there).

What else do we know about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Little is known about the sequel beyond the direct and inadvertently released details that make up all the information we have. There’s a lot to speculate about after looking at the comics, though. All in all, we’re very excited and hope to see what this sequel sets up for dedicated fans. There’s plenty to be excited about with its excellent distribution and extensive chemistry that sets it apart from other fish in the sea! To find?

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