Will there be another Wolverine movie? 2021 updates and everything we know so far


If you don’t know who Wolverine is and the portrayal of Hugh Jackman is not the image in your mind so you live in a cave or just an extremely ignorant person because he has become an icon in the 2000s until now. He had his own trilogy derived from the X Men and he keeps killing with claws sticking out of his fingers, but will we see him again in another movie anytime soon?

Hugh Jackman has definitely made a name for himself being Wolverine with the classic beard and claws that stick out of his fingers, be it bone or adamantium, and he’s one of the most important characters of the X Men franchise that he even had his own trilogy. He has been loved by many fans since then until now, and it looks like any possibility of his return would be highly anticipated.

Wolverine had three films: X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, The glutton in 2013, and Logan In 2017. All of them are played by Hugh Jackman and he has remained the same actor behind Wolverine even when time jumps occur in the franchise because, technically, he does not age as quickly as the others.

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Will there be another Wolverine Movie?

Will there be another Wolverine movie?

The acquisition of 21st Century Fox paved the way for Wolverine to enter the MCU, however, Hugh Jackman has repeatedly said that his the portrayal in Logan was his farewell to the iconic character and he is already at peace knowing that he has done justice to Wolverine and the trial of the X Men. When Logan was done, he knew his time as Wolverine was up.

Still, given that the titular actor seemed to have already made up his mind, anyone who would replace Wolverine could certainly feel the pressure knowing that Jackman’s portrayal is unprecedented, so much so that the character could easily be equated with him. It would really be a tough role to play, but whoever is lucky enough to be an actor, he should at least be on par with Jackman, better if he could do more and own the role.

This also doesn’t mean Wolverine won’t have another movie, with the mutants arriving in the MCU anytime soon, one would also expect Wolverine to have another movie as well given he’s the one. one of the most important characters of the X Men. Let’s see who will take on the iconic role.

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