X-Men Deepfake Video Features Karl Urban as Wolverine…and It’s Perfect

A fan-made video combines footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine with deepfake technology to replace Hugh Jackman with Karl Urban in the lead role.

A new x-men the deepfake video just cast Karl Urban as Wolverine, and The boys star turns out to be perfectly suited for the role.

The fan-made video recently surfaced on YouTube and replaces Hugh Jackman’s likeness with Urban’s in several scenes taken from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The results are largely consistent, thanks to the overall similar appearance of the two players and the quality of the machine learning involved. The range of emotions present in Urban’s AI-powered performance is particularly impressive, especially in scenes featuring his real-life “co-stars” Lynn Collins, Danny Huston and Max Cullen.

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Urban is one of many actors that fans have pointed to as a possible replacement for Jackman, now that the star has stepped down from the role. He addressed the cast of fans in a recent interview, describing it as flattering while admitting it’s unlikely to happen given his age. “What am I, two years younger than Hugh Jackman?” said Urban. “I mean, if I was a studio looking to cast someone as Wolverine, I’d pick someone I’d shoot three movies from. You’re not going to get three Karl Urban movies unless you want a 65-year-old Wolverine movie.”

X-Men Fans Keep Playing Hugh Jackman’s Replacement

Urban The boys Co-star Antony Starr is another candidate fans have come up with for the role of Wolverine, with some even producing elaborate illustrations of the actor as a fan-favorite X-Man. Starr recently commented on a particularly elaborate piece of fan art depicting him as Wolverine, joking that his bones hurt just thinking about the extensive stunt work such a part would require. As with Urban, there’s no indication that Starr has ever met with Marvel Studios to discuss bringing the X-Men’s resident berserker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Superman actor Henry Cavill is also in the Wolverine fancast mix and was recently turned into a decidedly spooky version of the character using the DALL·E platform. Nine images were created in total, all featuring distorted facial features seemingly based on a combination of photos of Cavill with those of Jackman as Wolverine. The visualizations also included twisted renderings of X-Man’s signature claws, making this incarnation of Wolverine more of a movie monster than a superhero.

The debate over who should take on the role has reached the point where even industry professionals have begun to weigh in. More recently, Dead Pool 3 Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick suggested that whoever is hired to replace Jackman as Wolverine should be shorter, joking that Zack Galifianakis or Patton Oswalt would be a good fit for the role.

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