Young performers show poise and promise

The young cast of “House Planet”. Photo: Martin Ollman

Musical Theater / “House Planet: A Discovery of Recovery – the Musical”, premiered by Mr. Tim Enterprises, Tuggeranong Arts Center through December 11. LEN POWER

An original musical created by participants aged 7 to 13, “House Planet: A Discovery Of Recovery” was a delightful experience for young and old.

Located in House Planet, the “Labratorians” experiment with an emotional machine, when an unexpected explosion finds them transported to the plant world, where they find themselves involved in a coup d’état.

During this time, chaos has also reigned in the various lands of: Fridgelandia, Scrubtopia and Loungeroomia, where the citizens are facing a series of problems caused by a supposed “big bang”.

The show was designed to introduce children in the area to the many aspects of musical theater and allow them to embrace their creativity and imagination.

Artists Daniel Streatfield, Chelsea Heaney, Hanna Hoyne and Ed Radclyffe allowed attendees to develop their skills in costume design, theater, and set and prop design.

The cast of 15 young people all showed they belong to this scene. Their developing theatrical skills were very nice to see. Everyone was calm and confident. They had learned to project their voices, the diction was clear and no one spoke too fast. They all sang really well and there were some real charmers with natural talent among the actors.

The sets and costumes were a particularly attractive aspect of the production. The highly imaginative cardboard ensemble and Ed Radclyffe designed properties and Hanna Hoyne’s chic costumes made of paper and various readily available materials made the show appear unique and striking.

Tim Bevitt’s music was catchy and the lyrics were often quite complex, requiring clear vocals from the singers.

The song “Crack of a Broken Heart” was particularly memorable and “Fridgelandia!” turned out to be a pitfall as sung by the Bacon Border Patrol. The catchy final song, “Let Your Courage Shine,” with the entire cast was also a winner.

It is very nice to see young people being given the opportunity, in a quality production, to acquire theatrical skills and to experience the joy of presenting their hard work to the public.

Their delighted reaction to the well-deserved applause at the end of the show was wonderful to see. Is the next Cate Blanchett or Hugh Jackman part of this squad of players?

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