Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman set to star in Taylor Sheridan’s Lioness

The All-American boy from an All-American town of less than 300 has found his double step at Paramount+. Taylor Sheridan, Oscar nominee (Against all odds) and the streamer truly seem like a match made in heaven. On February 15, through a press release from the company, it was announced Zoe Saldaña (guardians of the galaxy) will star in and executive produce Sheridan’s upcoming Paramount+ drama series, Lionesson a real CIA program.

Oscar winner Nicole Kidman (Hours), with his production company, Blossom Films, will join Lioness as executive producer. Kidman‘s Blossom Films was attached to HBO big little lies, which was nominated for sixteen Emmy Awards during its run from 2017 to 2019, winning eight. The series will be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios and is set to begin production in June 2022 with Tom Brady (NOS4A2) at the helm as executive producer and showrunner.


“I’m a huge fan of Taylor Sheridan’s work and I’m honored to help her tell her next amazing story with Lioness“, Brady said. “Taylor has created an epic, gripping and global spy thriller centered around a group of complex and strong women, and I can’t imagine anyone better to help bring these characters to life than the other female producers. executives Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldaña.”

Sheridan began his acting career, appearing in recurring roles on television series like Veronique Mars and Sons of Anarchy. He started writing in 2015 with Sicarioand consider 2017 wind river, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, his directorial debut. In the same year, Yellowstone with Keving Costner debuted on the Paramount Network, which led to a spin-off, 1883. Sheridan is also the creator, writer, director and producer of the crime thriller Mayor of Kingstowndirected by Renner and Dianne Wiest, which was recently picked up for season two.

Lioness is based on a real CIA program

lioness the movie

Lioness is based on an actual military program (previously there was a documentary based on the women’s specialist group). Nicknamed “Lioness team“During operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a group of female soldiers went on patrol with army and navy infantry despite official policy prohibiting the armed forces from deploying women in direct ground combat, regardless of however effective they were under fire, women to circumvent these barriers, they were temporarily “attached” to a ground unit or sent in a support role, rather than a formal combat role. female engagement, from Lioness teams, are also sent to gather intelligence in “specialized gender-appropriate tasks”.

Lioness is based on an incredible and largely unknown program between the CIA and Special Forces, where female American soldiers would infiltrate the local community and gather intelligence,” said David C. Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios. “Taylor has crafted an intense and gripping story set in this uncharted world, and we’re honored to have it come to life on Paramount+ thanks to the acting and producing talents of Zoe Saldaña alongside executive producers Nicole Kidman and showrunner Tom Brady. .”

the Lioness The series will follow a Marine recruited to befriend the daughter of a terrorist in order to bring down the organization from within. According to the press release, “Saldaña plays Joe, a willful and hard-nosed station chief in the CIA’s Lioness program, tasked with training, managing and directing its undercover agents working to assassinate the world’s most dangerous terrorists. “

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